ParAAddBits Method

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Applies to

IWPParInterface                                                workswithseltext


procedure ParAAddBits(WPAT_Code: Integer; Bits: Integer);


Perform "OR value" operation with specified attribute value to add bits.


You can use this method to set the character styles. Here you need to set the mask and the on/off flag:


Memo.CurrPar.ParAAddBits((int)WPAT.CharStyleON, 1+4);

Memo.CurrPar.ParAAddBits((int)WPAT.CharStyleMask, 1+4);


The following bits can be used:

 bold : 1;

 italic : 2;

 underlined : 4;

 strikeout : 8;

 super script: 16;

 sub script: 32;

 hidden: 64

 uppercase: 128;

 smallcaps: 256;

 lowercase: 512;

 no proof (disable spellcheck) : 1024;

 double strikeout: 2048;

 reserved: 4096;

 protected text: 8192;


Please note that paragraph style attributes are only used by text which does not define the same attribute itself.


You can use ClearCharAttr to normalize a complete paragraph.


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