AddGroup Method

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procedure AddGroup(const Name: WideString; const Alias: WideString; const Title: WideString; const Group: WideString; Mode: Integer; const DBParams: WideString);


This menthod is used to start a new group. Groups contain bands, fields, variables and can also contain other groups. During the report creation a group is processed over and over again - as long as data is there to export.



This is the name of this group.


This is an alternative name which can be used to select a certain data query.


The title will be displayed in the headline of the group.


This parameter is the name of the parent group. Please use "*" to select the current group or "" to create the group at top level.


This parameter contains bits to change the behavoir of the group. Bits 1 to 3 control the selection as described under AddBand. The bit 7 (=32) forces a page break before the group. Bit 8 forces it after the group. If bit 9 (=128) is set, the engine start a new table and does not try to continue a table after this band. Please note that this changes the behavior of formulas.


This is an optional string parameter which can be used to create a query.

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