InitTemplate Method

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procedure InitTemplate(const filename: WideString; Mode: Integer);


This is an optional filename. If specified the template (NOT the xml data!) will be loaded from this file. This can be usefull to load the initial paragraph style list. If starting with "@", this parameter is used to set the caption for the DB-Description form.



Can be a file name or the caption for the "repository".


If bit 1 is set in parameter mode, the template in the editor #1 will be initialized using the XML data (which was loaded or created). Otherwise, in case a file name was specified, only the report template will be loaded. In this case it is recommended to also set bit 2 to avoid out of sync XML data.

If bit 2 is set, the engine will load the XML from the report template and overwrite the information stored in the report object.

If bit 3 is set, the DB-Description form (also called repository) will be displayed. Once this form was displayed the methods ShowTemplate and ShowResult will automatically show and hide this form.

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