AddBand Method

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function AddBand(Typ: Integer; Visibility: Integer): Integer;


If this is a group paragraph, AddPar will add a new child band. If this is a data, header or footer band the new band will be added after the text of this band.



Thy type for the new band, 0=data, 1=header, 2=footer and 3=group.


For header and footer in first level (not children of a group) this controls on which pages a page header or page footer should be created: 0=All pages, 1=Odd, 2=Even, 3=First, 4=AllNotFirst, 5=OddNotFirst, 6=Hide.

For group header and footer this value controls the usage of this band. The following bit are used: Bit 1: dont use at start or end of group. Bit 2: also use between data groups.

Bit 5(value=16) can always be used. If this bet has been set the band can be selected and is only used if selected.


If no band was created 0 is returned, otherwise the ParPtr value of the created band paragraph.

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