InputParagraph Method

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procedure InputParagraph(Mode: Integer; const StyleName: WideString);


Creates a new paragraph and places the cursor on it.


By default the paragraph is created after the current.



Parameter Mode is a bit field - please combine the required values with "+".


1 : Start a new page before the new paragraph.


2 : If currently in table, append the new paragraph after the table. (Alternative: IWPTextCursor.ExitTable)


4 : Append the paragraph at the very end of the text.




This is a string:

Paragraph style used by new paragraph


If bit 4 or 8 was used, the new paragraph can be modified by CurrPar. The text will not be automatically reformat so please call ReformatAll when You are done.


Also see CurrPar.ParStrCommand - it can be used to modify the created paragraph, for example to assign a name.



Paragraphstyle Support



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