StartEngine method

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used by OCX:

function StartEngine(const DLLName: WideString; const LicenseName: WideString; const LicenseCode: WideString; LicenseNumber: Integer): WordBool;

used by .NET Assembly:

public bool SetLicense(String Name, String Code, uint Number)

This method must be used to start the PDF and text creation.

It is also possible, and recommended for ASP use, to load the license info from a file.
In this case LicenseName must be @FILE@password, and LicenseCode the filename. The password can be defined when created the key file.



pdf.SetLicense("@FILE@" + password,"C:\\License\\rtflicense.dat",0);

Please make sure the IIS_IUSRS have read access to this file, otherwise the following code will fail.


The license file can be created inside the provided demo exe:


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