OnError Event

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Declaration C#

OnError(Object Sender, int Group, int Nr, string Msg)


Declaration OCX

OnError(ByVal Group As Long, ByVal Nr As Long, ByVal Msg As String)


The event is triggered when an erro happens inside the TextDynamic engine. The error message is provided as string "Msg".



The error group:

errException=0 - internal exception

errLogging=1 - logging message

errLoggingX=2 - logging message at central points

errLoggingAPI=3 - log passed parameters

errErrFatal=4 - should never happen. Internal state is not ok

errErrProblem=5 - problem with provided data

errErrFormat=6 - unexpected format

errParameter=7 - parameters are incorrect

errNotImplement=8 - API not implemented


The error number:

errMessage=9 - undefined error

errExceptionMsg=10 - exception

errParamIsNULL=11 - null reference

errParamBufferUnexpected=12 - parameter buffer incorrect

errParamNotExpected=13 - integer parameter not ok

errSParamNotExpected=14 - string parameter not ok

errIOExceptionMsg=15 - strem or file error

errEditorIsNotInitialized=16 - data not initialized

errNotImplemented=17 - not implemented API

errCommandIDtooLarge=18 - incorrect command id

errDontFindCommand=19 - cannot find command

errFileNotFound=20 - File was not found

errEntryNotFound=21 - IMG or XML entry not found

errIllegalParameter=22 - invalid Parameter

errUnknownPropertyId=23 - invalid Property ID

errPropertyNotSelected=23 - no attribute selected

errNoStyleSelected=24 - no style selected

errCannotFindStyle=25 - style was not found

errThereIsNoCurrentBlock=26 - cursor not set

errXMLDataNotLoaded=27 - XML data not loaded

errEditorNotInCorrectState=28 - need other API executed before

errInterfaceNotDefined=29 - interface not defined

errDialogNotImplemented=30 - dialog not implemented

This error numbers are also returned by the method Command()

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