OnFieldLeave Event

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Member of WPDLLInt

Declaration C#

OnLeaveField(Object Sender, int Editor, string Fieldname, IWPTextObj Field, ref bool Abort)


Declaration OCX

OnFieldLeave(ByVal Editor As Long, ByVal FieldName As String, ByVal Field As WPTDynInt.IWPTextObj, Abort As Boolean)


When in formular mode (see SetEnableFlags) this event will be triggered before the cursor is moved into a different field. You can check the contents of the field (Field.EmbeddedText) and cancel the operation by setting varaiable Abort to true.


Normally this event is not used, when the editor is not in the formular editing mode. But when using Memo.SetBProp(17,6,1) the event will be also used during regular editing. In this case the event will be even be triggered when a field has been deleted. (Abort is without function in this case)

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