OnNotify Event

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Declaration C#

OnNotify(Object Sender, int Editor, int MsgID);


Declaration OCX

OnNotify(ByVal Editor As Long, ByVal MsgID As Long)


Currently this message IDs are supported:


MSGID_ChangedActiveText=21: The editor changed between header and body text.


MSGID_MouseWheelAtStart=23: The mouse wheel was used to scroll to the very start.


MSGID_MouseWheelAtEnd=24: The mousesue wheel was used to scroll to the very end.


MSGID_ChangeLastFileName=27: Last file name was changed.


MSGID_ChangeModified=28 The modified property was changed.


MSGID_SelectWatermark = 29; Application may choose a new watermark.

   Current page can be read using Memo.TextCommand(25, 0, 0). See C# Example there.



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