Event OnUpdateGUI

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The event OnUpdateGUI will only be called in idle phases to give the application a chance to


a) update the status bar information,

b) change the Pushed state of buttons

c) enable or disable menu items.


As mentioned before it is used best in combination with wpaGetFlags.


(Please see reference here: OnUpdateGUI)


The event handler receives 6 parameters:


Editor : This is the current editor, 1 or 2


int UpdateFlags : This is a bit field.


value 1: Selection has been changed

value 2: Undo State has been changed

value 4: The Paragraph Attributes have been changed

value 8: The Character attributes have been changed

value 32: The Cursor piosition has been changed


int StateFlags, also a bit field


value 1: the modified flag for the text

value 2: the editor is in inserting mode

value 4: UNDO is possible

value 8: REDO is possible

value 16: Text is selected

value 32: Currently an object is selected

value 64: The selected object is an Image

value 128: Currently the cursor is not defined (Should not happen)

value 256: The Cursor is inside of a table

value 512: The current paragraph uses a style sheet

value 1024: The cursor is in header or footer texts (not in text body)


int PageNr


The page number the cursor is located within


int PageCount


The current page count


int LineNr


The line number (on the current page)

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