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int PreparePDFAttachment(string filename; int Editor; int Modes): Integer;


Write a PDF file with a temporary file and adds the name to the attachment list.

This function is intended to be used when sending e-mails.

The attachment list has to be prepared with Memo.PrepareAttachmentList.

You can select the editor #1 or #2 and also pass a file name which should be used. The parameter Modes is reserved.

The filename should not contain a path.

The created file will use part of the passed filename, but can have a different name, if a file already exists.

Please use GetAttachment to retrieve the attached file names.

When using TextDynamic, please note

 - You need the server license - otherwise the PDF creator will always show a file open dialog!

 Please remember to also activate the "Server" flag in the call to SetEditorMode

 SetEditorMode 0, ... + 128, ... , 0


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