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Sections are used to use formatting options which are only valid within a certain part of a document. For example one section may use landscape, the next may use portrait page orientation. It is also possible that a certain header or footer is used for one section only.


A document may have multiple sections. A section always starts with a paragraph, it is not possible to change sections within one paragraph.


A new section is started with TextCursor.InputSection.


This method returns a reference to a IWPPageSize interface which can be used to modify the properties of the new section.


When you want a certain property to be valid only for this section, You need to add a bit to its "Select" property. That property can be accessed through IWPPageSize.GetProp and IWPPageSize.SetProp.


The ID of the section is also available through GetProp/SetProp. This ID can be used in Memo.BlockAdd to create a header or footer which is only used by that individual section.








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