Icon1 Privacy Agreement/Datenschutz
Icon2 Welcome to TextDynamic 7
Icon2.1 What is TextDynamic?
Icon2.2 What can I do with TextDynamic?
Icon2.3 Why choose TextDynamic?
Icon2.4 Where to use TextDynamic?
Icon2.5 Introduction to the technology of TextDynamic
Icon3 Welcome to RTF2PDF / TextDynamic Server
Icon4 Getting Started with TextDynamic
Icon4.1 Visual Studio
Icon4.2 VB6
Icon4.3 Trouble Shooting
Icon4.3.1 .NET Trouble Shooting
Icon4.3.2 VS2010 Debugging
Icon4.3.3 OCX Trouble Shooting
Icon4.4 EditorStart - used to set licensing information
Icon4.5 Introduction to the API
Icon4.5.1 Initialize the Component
Icon4.5.1.1 SetEditorMode()
Icon4. SetEditorMode - Example C#
Icon4. SetEditorMode -Example VB6
Icon4.5.1.2 SetLayout()
Icon4.5.1.3 Update design of toolbars
Icon4.5.1.4 SetEnableFlags
Icon4.5.1.5 SetDisableFlags
Icon4.5.1.6 SetLanguage (Localization)
Icon4.5.2 Change GUI (Toolbar)
Icon4.5.2.1 Modify TextDynamic toolbar
Icon4.5.2.2 Create your own toolbar
Icon4.5.3 Working with Actions (wpa)
Icon4.5.3.1 wpaGetFlags
Icon4.5.3.2 wpaSetFlags
Icon4.5.3.3 Event OnUpdateGUI
Icon4.5.4 Get Text into and out of the Editor
Icon4.5.4.1 string Text
Icon4.5.4.2 string Text2
Icon4.5.4.3 string TextFormat
Icon4.5.5 Properties
Icon4.5.5.1 IWPMemo Memo
Icon4.5.5.2 IWPPdfCreator PDFCreator
Icon4.5.5.3 IWPTextCursor TextCursor
Icon4.5.5.4 IWPAttrInterface TextAttr
Icon4.5.5.5 IWPAttrInterface CurrAttr
Icon4.5.5.6 IWPAttrInterface CurrSelAttr
Icon4.5.5.7 IWPPageSize PageSize
Icon4.5.5.8 IWPParInterface CurrPar
Icon4.5.5.9 IWPAttrInterface CurrParAttr
Icon4.5.5.10 IWPParInterface CurrStyle
Icon4.5.5.11 IWPAttrInterface CurrStyleAttr
Icon4.5.5.12 IWPTextObj CurrObj
Icon4.5.5.13 IWPTextObj CurrSelObj
Icon4.5.5.14 int SelectedEditor
Icon4.5.5.15 IWPAttrInterface AttrHelper
Icon4.5.5.16 IWPCharacterAttr SpecialTextAttr()
Icon4.5.5.17 IWPMapi
Icon4.6 Configure the Editor / FAQ
Icon4.7 TextDynamic dotNET Sample Projects
Icon4.7.1 VB.NET - FirstApplication
Icon4.7.2 VB.NET - Create MDI Application
Icon4.7.2.1 New Project
Icon4.7.2.2 Create MDI Child window
Icon4.7.2.3 Add Font/-Size Selector
Icon4. Modify Text
Icon4. Modify Combobox
Icon4.7.2.4 Add Buttons
Icon4.7.2.5 Code for the default menu items
Icon4.7.2.6 A first start ...
Icon4.7.3 C# - First Application
Icon4.7.3.1 Update Statusbar
Icon4.7.3.2 Add Menu Commands
Icon4.7.3.3 Add Localized Menu Items
Icon4. WPAMenuItem class
Icon4. Alternative to WPAMenuItem
Icon4.7.3.4 SetDLLName
Icon4.7.4 C# - Second Application
Icon4.7.5 Demo Project - Simulate MDI
Icon4.7.5.1 Add Tabset
Icon4.7.5.2 Hide some buttons
Icon4.7.5.3 Ask to save before close
Icon4.8 TextDynamic OCX
Icon4.8.1 Step by Step use in VB6
Icon4.8.1.1 Set writing mode (bold ...)
Icon4.8.1.2 Clipboard handling
Icon4.8.1.3 Printing
Icon4.8.2 Step by Step use in Access
Icon4.8.3 Tip for using TextDynamic in Visual FoxPro
Icon4.8.4 property DLLName
Icon4.8.5 property InitScriptXML
Icon4.8.6 property Text
Icon4.8.7 property Readonly
Icon4.8.8 Process and modify the text in the background
Icon4.8.9 VB6 - First Application
Icon4.8.9.1 Create some text under program control
Icon4.8.9.2 Add hotkey Ctrl+B
Icon4.9 TextDynamic in C++, ie VS2008
Icon5 Getting started with Rtf2Pdf / TextDynamic Server
Icon5.1 Overview
Icon5.2 QuickStart
Icon5.3 Troubleshooting .NET
Icon5.4 Load Template, Update and Save
Icon5.5 ASP.NET Example
Icon5.6 ASP.NET Live Demos
Icon5.7 Properties
Icon5.7.1 Report
Icon5.7.2 Memo
Icon5.7.3 Memo2
Icon5.7.4 PDFCreator
Icon5.7.5 ResultBuffer
Icon5.7.6 AttrHelper
Icon5.8 Methods
Icon5.8.1 BeginDoc
Icon5.8.2 EndDoc
Icon5.8.3 Print
Icon5.8.4 PrintSecond
Icon5.8.5 StartEngine / SetLicense
Icon5.8.6 StopEngine
Icon5.8.7 ReleaseInt
Icon5.9 RTF2PDF ActiveX
Icon5.10 wPDFControl Documentation
Icon5.10.1 wPDFControl/RTFtoPDF Demo
Icon5.10.2 Quick Start - wRTF2PDF / TextDynamic Server
Icon5.10.3 Quick Start - Generic PDF Creation
Icon5.10.4 Tip: Use SaveDC / RestoreDC
Icon5.10.5 wPDFControl .NET
Icon5.10.5.1 PDFControl
Icon5.10.5.2 PDFPropDlg
Icon5.10.5.3 Properties
Icon5. PDF Options
Icon5. Extra Options
Icon5. Security
Icon5. PDF Info
Icon5. PDFAMode
Icon5. CidFonts
Icon5.10.5.4 RTF to PDF
Icon5. RTF2PDF Version 2 API
Icon5. RTF2PDF Command IDs
Icon5. WPCOM_RTFINIT      = 1000
Icon5. WPCOM_RTFVersion   = 1001
Icon5. WPCOM_RTFLOAD      = 1002
Icon5. WPCOM_RTFAPPEND    = 1003
Icon5. WPCOM_RTFMERGE     = 1005
Icon5. WPCOM_RTFSAVE      = 1006
Icon5. WPCOM_RTFBACKUP    = 1007
Icon5. WPCOM_RTFRESTORE   = 1008
Icon5. WPCOM_RTF_PAGEWIDTH    = 1010
Icon5. WPCOM_RTF_MARGINTOP    = 1014
Icon5. WPCOM_RTF_PAGEZOOM     = 1022
Icon5. WPCOM_RTFPRINT         = 1100
Icon5. Commands to print text (to printer, not PDF!)
Icon5. KeepN and AutoSize Tables
Icon5. Use COM interfaces with C
Icon5. Example
Icon5.10.5.5 Methods
Icon5. Initialisation
Icon5. DrawWatermark
Icon5. Image Output
Icon5. Hyperlinks
Icon5. Bookmarks
Icon5. Outlines
Icon5. using "Graphics Canvas"
Icon5. Mailmerge (COPY)
Icon5. Methods defined by the DLL
Icon5.10.5.6 Events
Icon5.10.6 wPDFControl DLL / ActiveX
Icon5.10.7 wPDFControl Methods and Properties
Icon5.10.7.1 Properties
Icon5. bool AutoLaunch
Icon5. Graphics Canvas
Icon5. int CidFonts
Icon5. string DebugPath
Icon5. bool DefaultLandscape
Icon5. ePage DefaultSize
Icon5. eEncoding Encoding
Icon5. string FileName
Icon5. FontManager Font
Icon5. eFontMode FontMode
Icon5. string InfoAuthor, InfoKeywords etc.
Icon5. eInputFileMode InputFileMode
Icon5. eJPEGCompressMode JPEGCompressMode
Icon5. string MergeFieldStart
Icon5. PDFEncryption / Permission
Icon5. string OwnerPassword
Icon5. string UserPassword
Icon5. ePageMode PageMode
Icon5. int PDFAMode
Icon5. eDevMode PDFMode
Icon5. ePDFOptions PDFOptions
Icon5. ePDFSecurity PDFSecurity
Icon5.10.7.2 Methods
Icon5.10.8 License
Icon6 Document and text property API reference
Icon6.1 Page Size
Icon6.1.1 General
Icon6.1.2 Different in one document
Icon6.1.3 Sections
Icon6.1.4 Labels
Icon6.2 Contents
Icon6.2.1 Text
Icon6.2.2 Tables
Icon6.2.3 Fields
Icon6.2.4 Images
Icon6.2.5 Header & Footer
Icon6.2.6 Textboxes
Icon6.2.7 Footnotes
Icon6.3 Font Attributes
Icon6.4 Paragraph Attributes
Icon6.5 Paragraph Styles
Icon7 Interfaces (Technical API Reference)
Icon7.1 General: WPDllInt + IWPMemo/IWPEditor
Icon7.1.1 WPDLLInt
Icon7.1.1.1 Methods
Icon7. SetDLLName
Icon7. EditorStart
Icon7. SetEditorMode
Icon7. SetLayout
Icon7. ReleaseInt
Icon7. AboutBox
Icon7. BeginPrint
Icon7. EndPrint
Icon7. Clear
Icon7. CommandEx
Icon7. Command
Icon7. Security
Icon7. Change Toolbar Design
Icon7. Custom Spellcheck
Icon7. Background Image / Watermark
Icon7. CreateReport
Icon7. GetInterface
Icon7. GetItemList
Icon7. GetPrinterList
Icon7. GetText
Icon7. GetTextVar / GetBytes
Icon7. Memo
Icon7. Memo2
Icon7. CurrMemo
Icon7. ReadRecentExceptions
Icon7. Report
Icon7. SelectEditor
Icon7. SelectPrinter
Icon7. SetDisableFlags
Icon7. SetEnableFlags
Icon7. SetLanguage
Icon7. SetLayoutMode
Icon7. SetLayoutMode2
Icon7. SetSplitterPos
Icon7. SetText
Icon7. SetTextVar / SetBytes
Icon7. SpecialTextAttr
Icon7. wpaCheck
Icon7. wpaExec
Icon7. wpaGetFlags
Icon7. wpaGetID
Icon7. wpaProcess
Icon7. wpaSetFlags
Icon7. DrawToBitmap
Icon7. ToRGB, ColorToRGB
Icon7.1.1.2 Properties
Icon7. AttrHelper
Icon7. BorderWidth
Icon7. TextAttr
Icon7. CurrAttr
Icon7. CurrSelAttr
Icon7. CurrObj
Icon7. CurrPar
Icon7. CurrParAttr
Icon7. CurrSelObj
Icon7. CurrStyle
Icon7. CurrStyleAttr
Icon7. DLLName
Icon7. Enabled
Icon7. EventBand
Icon7. EventButton
Icon7. EventField
Icon7. InitScriptXML
Icon7. MAPI
Icon7. PageSize
Icon7. PDFCreator
Icon7. Readonly
Icon7. Readonly2
Icon7. ShowHints
Icon7. SpellCtrl
Icon7. Text
Icon7. Text2
Icon7. TextCursor
Icon7. TextFormat
Icon7. Version
Icon7. VersionDLL
Icon7. AllowDrop
Icon7.1.2 Events
Icon7.1.2.1 RTF2PDF / TextDynamic
Icon7. OnAfterSaveImage
Icon7. OnBeforeSaveImage
Icon7. OnClear
Icon7. OnCreateNewCell
Icon7. OnEnumDataBlocks
Icon7. OnEnumParOrStyle
Icon7. OnEnumTextObj
Icon7. OnError
Icon7. OnFieldGetText
Icon7. OnGetSpecialText
Icon7. OnInitializePar
Icon7. OnLoadExtImage
Icon7. OnLoadExtString
Icon7. OnLoadText
Icon7. OnMeasurePage
Icon7. OnNotify
Icon7. OnPaintWatermark
Icon7. OnReadFormulaVar
Icon7. OnReportState
Icon7. OnTextObjectGetText
Icon7.1.2.2 Exclusive to TextDynamic
Icon7. OnBeforeOverwriteFile
Icon7. OnButtonClick
Icon7. OnChangePosition
Icon7. OnChangeSelection
Icon7. OnChangeText
Icon7. OnChangeViewMode
Icon7. OnChangingText
Icon7. OnClick
Icon7. OnClickCreateHeaderFooter
Icon7. OnClickPage
Icon7. OnDblClick
Icon7. OnFieldEnter
Icon7. OnFieldLeave
Icon7. OnHyperlink
Icon7. OnMouseDown
Icon7. OnMouseDownWord
Icon7. OnMouseMove
Icon7. OnMouseUp
Icon7. OnShowHint
Icon7. OnTextObjectMouse
Icon7. OnUndoChange
Icon7. OnUpdateGUI
Icon7. OnKeyDown
Icon7. OnKeyPress
Icon7. OnKeyUp
Icon7. OnLeaveEditor
Icon7. OnCompleteWord
Icon7. OnEnterEditor
Icon7.1.3 Categories
Icon7.1.3.1 Character Attributes Category
Icon7.1.3.2 Character Styles Category
Icon7.1.3.3 Coordinate Conversion Category
Icon7.1.3.4 Document Properties Category
Icon7.1.3.5 Callback Functions Category
Icon7.1.3.6 Header and Footer Support Category
Icon7.1.3.7 Sections
Icon7.1.3.8 Hyperlinks and Bookmarks Category
Icon7.1.3.9 Image Support Category
Icon7.1.3.10 Load and Save Category -  Formatstrings
Icon7.1.3.11 Modify the layout of the text display Category
Icon7.1.3.12 Logical MDI Support Category
Icon7.1.3.13 Mailmerge Category
Icon7.1.3.14 Position Markers Category
Icon7.1.3.15 Lowlevel Paragraph IDs Category
Icon7.1.3.16 Printing Category
Icon7.1.3.17 Standard Editing Commands Category
Icon7.1.3.18 Display Status Information Category
Icon7.1.3.19 Paragraphstyle Support Category
Icon7.1.3.20 Table Support Category
Icon7.1.3.21 TextDynamic CSS strings Category
Icon7.1.3.22 Spell Check Category
Icon7.1.3.23 Tabstop Category
Icon7.1.4 IWPMemo / IWPEditor
Icon7.1.4.1 Properties
Icon7. ActiveText
Icon7. TextAttr
Icon7. CurrAttr
Icon7. CurrSelAttr
Icon7. CurrParAttr
Icon7. CurrPar
Icon7. DefaultAttr
Icon7. CurrBand
Icon7. CurrentZooming
Icon7. CurrGroup
Icon7. CurrObj
Icon7. CurrSelObj
Icon7. CurrStyle
Icon7. CurrStyleAttr
Icon7. LabelDef
Icon7. LastFileName
Icon7. PageSize
Icon7. PageSizeList
Icon7. PrintParameter
Icon7. SelText
Icon7. Text
Icon7. TextCursor
Icon7. SpecialTextAttr
Icon7. Exclusive in IWPMemo
Icon7. AutoZoom
Icon7. ColorDesktop
Icon7. ColorHighlight
Icon7. ColorHighlightText
Icon7. ColorPaper
Icon7. DefaultIOFormat
Icon7. EditingMode
Icon7. Focussed
Icon7. FormCompletion
Icon7. GUIMode
Icon7. Hidden
Icon7. InitialDir
Icon7. LayoutMode
Icon7. Modified
Icon7. Readonly
Icon7. ShowFields
Icon7. TextReadFormat
Icon7. TextWriteFormat
Icon7. TopOffset
Icon7. WordWrap
Icon7. Zooming
Icon7.1.4.2 Methods
Icon7. AppendOtherText
Icon7. BlockAdd
Icon7. BlockAppend
Icon7. BlockFind
Icon7. Clear
Icon7. CopyToClipboard
Icon7. CutToClipboard
Icon7. PasteFromClipboard
Icon7. DebugShowParProps
Icon7. DeleteLeadingSpace
Icon7. DeletePage
Icon7. DeleteParWithCondition
Icon7. DeleteStyle
Icon7. DeleteTrailingSpaces
Icon7. EnumDataBlocks
Icon7. EnumParagraphs
Icon7. EnumParSiblings
Icon7. EnumParStyles
Icon7. EnumSelParagraphs
Icon7. EnumTextObj
Icon7. SelectStyle
Icon7. LoadNumberStyles
Icon7. SaveNumberStyles
Icon7. LoadStyleSheet
Icon7. SaveStyleSheet
Icon7. FindFooter
Icon7. FindHeader
Icon7. GetNumberStyle
Icon7. GetObjAtXY
Icon7. GetPosAtXY
Icon7. GetRTFVariable
Icon7. GetXY
Icon7. LoadFromFile
Icon7. LoadFromStream
Icon7. LoadFromString
Icon7. LoadFromVar
Icon7. SaveToFile
Icon7. SaveToStream
Icon7. SaveToString
Icon7. SaveToVar
Icon7. MergeText
Icon7. Print
Icon7. PrintPages
Icon7. PtrCommand
Icon7. Reformat
Icon7. ReformatAll
Icon7. RTFDataAdd
Icon7. RTFDataAppendTo
Icon7. RTFDataDelete
Icon7. RTFDataSelect
Icon7. GetPageAsMetafile
Icon7. SavePageAsMetafile
Icon7. GetPageAsBitmap
Icon7. SetBProp
Icon7. Group 0 : wpVarBOptions
Icon7. Group 1 : wpEditOptions
Icon7. Group 2 : wpEditOptionsEx
Icon7. Group 3 : wpProtectProp
Icon7. Group 4 : wpClickableCodes
Icon7. Group 5 : wpWriteObjectMode
Icon7. Group 6 : wpViewOptions
Icon7. Group 7 : Webpage Mode
Icon7. Group 8 : wpFormatOptions
Icon7. Group 9 : wpFormatOptionsEx
Icon7. Group 10 : wpAcceptFilesOptions
Icon7. Group 11 : wpPrintOptions
Icon7. Group 12 : wpClipboardOptions
Icon7. Group 13 : Security Options.
Icon7. Group 14 : Global Security Options
Icon7. Group 15: wpFormatOptionsEx2
Icon7. Group 16: ViewOptionsEx
Icon7. Group 17: EditOptionsEx2
Icon7. SetIProp
Icon7. SetWYSIWYGMode
Icon7. UpdateDialog
Icon7. SetRTFVariable
Icon7. Statistic
Icon7. Tables_WidthFixed
Icon7. Tables_WidthPC
Icon7. TextCommand
Icon7. Commands 1-10: TOC, DefaultAttr
Icon7. Commands 11-23: SyntaxHighlight, Selection, Background Gradient
Icon7. Commands 21-23: Tabstops
Icon7. Command 24: Draw lines and background, Page Size, Force Pagecount
Icon7. Command 25: Select Watermark Image
Icon7. Command 26: Modify MergeText Operation
Icon7. Command 27: read text width and text height
Icon7. Command 28: get page number as displayed_2
Icon7. Command 29: check for elements in the text
Icon7. Command 30: insert DLL name and version
Icon7. Command 31: set the copies property of the printer object
Icon7. TextCommandStr
Icon7. Command ID 1 - default paragraph style
Icon7. Command ID 2 - convert to ANSI
Icon7. Command ID 3 -& 4 - clipboard format
Icon7. Command ID 5 - view source mode
Icon7. Command ID 6 - select HTTP DLL
Icon7. Command ID 7 & 8 - set ParIsOutline flag
Icon7. Command ID 9 - insert HTML markup
Icon7. Command ID 10 - Select Printer
Icon7. Command ID 11 - Print Text
Icon7. Command ID 12 - Get Printernames
Icon7. Command ID 13 - BeginPrint
Icon7. Command ID 14 - EndPrint
Icon7. Command ID 15 - Update ShowFields Mode
Icon7. Command ID 16 - Syntax Highlighting
Icon7. Command ID 17 - Token To Template Conversion
Icon7. Command ID 18 - Set default font and size
Icon7. Command ID 19 - Make the current page size the default
Icon7. Command ID 20 - Insert Annotation Object
Icon7. Command IDs 21-27 Export Pages as BMP, PNG and TIFF.
Icon7. Command ID 28/29/30/31 - Load & Save the paragraph styles
Icon7. Command ID 32 - read character atr cursor position
Icon7. Command ID 33 - read and write EventButton properties
Icon7. Command ID 34  -Print To File
Icon7. Command ID 35/36/37 change and read lines
Icon7. Command ID 38 - define font drop down items
Icon7. Command ID 39: Convert Tables to Text
Icon7. Command ID 40 - define which char is a word delimiter
Icon7. Command ID 41 - convert to unicode
Icon7. Command ID 42 - move cursor to a paragraph with a certain name
Icon7. Command ID 43-46: Delete, Read and Write a field
Icon7. Command ID 47: Get list of printer tray names
Icon7. Command ID 48: Display a symbol at the end of certain hyperlinks
Icon7. Command ID 49: Set font for bullets
Icon7. SelectFirstParGlobal
Icon7. Exclusive in IWPMemo
Icon7. Activate
Icon7. ClientToScreen
Icon7. GetMouseXY
Icon7. InsertGraphicDialog
Icon7. Load
Icon7. LoadEx
Icon7. Save
Icon7. SaveAs
Icon7. ScreenToClient
Icon7. ShowDialog
Icon7. wpaCheck
Icon7. wpaExec
Icon7. wpaGetCaption
Icon7. wpaGetFlags
Icon7. wpaGetID
Icon7. wpaProcess
Icon7. wpaSetCaption
Icon7. wpaSetFlags
Icon7. PrepareAttachmentList
Icon7. GetAttachment
Icon7. SetInitialPath
Icon7. GetInitialPath
Icon7. ActivateSyntaxHighlighter
Icon7. SetXMLSchema
Icon7. A) Manage XML Schema
Icon7. B) Load CSS Stylesheet
Icon7. C) Example Code
Icon7. GetXMLTags
Icon7. ShowContextMenu
Icon7. InitHTMLMode
Icon7.2 IWPTextCursor (Text creation and cursor positioning)
Icon7.2.1 Properties
Icon7.2.1.1 CPCellPtr
Icon7.2.1.2 CPLineNr
Icon7.2.1.3 CPObjPtr
Icon7.2.1.4 CPPageLineNr
Icon7.2.1.5 CPPageNr
Icon7.2.1.6 CPParNr
Icon7.2.1.7 CPParPtr
Icon7.2.1.8 CPPosInLine
Icon7.2.1.9 CPPosInPar
Icon7.2.1.10 CPPosition
Icon7.2.1.11 CPRowPtr
Icon7.2.1.12 CPStylePtr
Icon7.2.1.13 CPTableColNr
Icon7.2.1.14 CPTablePtr
Icon7.2.1.15 CPTableRowNr
Icon7.2.1.16 IsSelected
Icon7.2.1.17 PageCount
Icon7.2.1.18 SelStart
Icon7.2.1.19 SelLength
Icon7.2.2 Methods
Icon7.2.2.1 IWPTextCursor.AddTable
Icon7.2.2.2 IWPTextCursor.AppendRow
Icon7.2.2.3 IWPTextCursor.CheckState
Icon7.2.2.4 IWPTextCursor.Clear
Icon7.2.2.5 IWPTextCursor.CombineCellHorz
Icon7.2.2.6 IWPTextCursor.CombineCellVert
Icon7.2.2.7 IWPTextCursor.CPMoveAfterTable
Icon7.2.2.8 IWPTextCursor.CPMoveBack
Icon7.2.2.9 IWPTextCursor.CPMoveBeforeTable
Icon7.2.2.10 IWPTextCursor.CPMoveNext
Icon7.2.2.11 IWPTextCursor.CPMoveNextBand
Icon7.2.2.12 IWPTextCursor.CPMoveNextCell
Icon7.2.2.13 IWPTextCursor.CPMoveNextGroup
Icon7.2.2.14 IWPTextCursor.CPMoveNextObject
Icon7.2.2.15 IWPTextCursor.CPMoveNextPar
Icon7.2.2.16 IWPTextCursor.CPMoveNextRow
Icon7.2.2.17 IWPTextCursor.CPMoveNextTable
Icon7.2.2.18 IWPTextCursor.CPMoveParentTable
Icon7.2.2.19 IWPTextCursor.CPMovePrevCell
Icon7.2.2.20 IWPTextCursor.CPMovePrevObject
Icon7.2.2.21 IWPTextCursor.CPMovePrevPar
Icon7.2.2.22 IWPTextCursor.CPMovePrevRow
Icon7.2.2.23 IWPTextCursor.CPMovePrevTable
Icon7.2.2.24 IWPTextCursor.CPMoveToGroup
Icon7.2.2.25 IWPTextCursor.CPOpenObj
Icon7.2.2.26 IWPTextCursor.Delete
Icon7.2.2.27 IWPTextCursor.DisableProtection
Icon7.2.2.28 IWPTextCursor.DisableUndo
Icon7.2.2.29 IWPTextCursor.EnabledProtection
Icon7.2.2.30 IWPTextCursor.EnableUndo
Icon7.2.2.31 IWPTextCursor.FieldsFromTokens
Icon7.2.2.32 IWPTextCursor.FindText
Icon7.2.2.33 IWPTextCursor.GetParName
Icon7.2.2.34 IWPTextCursor.GotoBody
Icon7.2.2.35 IWPTextCursor.GotoEnd
Icon7.2.2.36 IWPTextCursor.GotoStart
Icon7.2.2.37 IWPTextCursor.HideSelection
Icon7.2.2.38 IWPTextCursor.InputBookmark
Icon7.2.2.39 IWPTextCursor.InputCalculatedField
Icon7.2.2.40 IWPTextCursor.InputCell
Icon7.2.2.41 IWPTextCursor.InputCustomHTML
Icon7.2.2.42 IWPTextCursor.InputEmbeddedData
Icon7.2.2.43 IWPTextCursor.InputField
Icon7.2.2.44 IWPTextCursor.InputFieldObject
Icon7.2.2.45 IWPTextCursor.InputFooter
Icon7.2.2.46 IWPTextCursor.InputFootnote
Icon7.2.2.47 IWPTextCursor.InputHeader
Icon7.2.2.48 IWPTextCursor.InputHTML
Icon7.2.2.49 IWPTextCursor.InputHyperlink
Icon7.2.2.50 IWPTextCursor.InputImage
Icon7.2.2.51 IWPTextCursor.InputPicture
Icon7.2.2.52 IWPTextCursor.InputPictureStream
Icon7.2.2.53 IWPTextCursor.InputObject
Icon7.2.2.54 IWPTextCursor.InputCode
Icon7.2.2.55 IWPTextCursor.InputPagebreak
Icon7.2.2.56 IWPTextCursor.InputParagraph
Icon7.2.2.57 IWPTextCursor.InputRowEnd
Icon7.2.2.58 IWPTextCursor.InputRowStart
Icon7.2.2.59 IWPTextCursor.InputSection
Icon7.2.2.60 IWPTextCursor.InputString
Icon7.2.2.61 IWPTextCursor.InputTable
Icon7.2.2.62 IWPTextCursor.InputTabstop
Icon7.2.2.63 IWPTextCursor.InputTextbox
Icon7.2.2.64 IWPTextCursor.InputText
Icon7.2.2.65 IWPTextCursor.InsertRow
Icon7.2.2.66 IWPTextCursor.MarkerCollect
Icon7.2.2.67 IWPTextCursor.MarkerCollectAll
Icon7.2.2.68 IWPTextCursor.MarkerCPPosition
Icon7.2.2.69 IWPTextCursor.MarkerDrop
Icon7.2.2.70 IWPTextCursor.MarkerGoto
Icon7.2.2.71 IWPTextCursor.MarkerSelect
Icon7.2.2.72 IWPTextCursor.MovePosition
Icon7.2.2.73 IWPTextCursor.MoveToBookmark
Icon7.2.2.74 IWPTextCursor.MoveToField
Icon7.2.2.75 IWPTextCursor.MoveToObject
Icon7.2.2.76 IWPTextCursor.MoveToTable
Icon7.2.2.77 IWPTextCursor.Redo
Icon7.2.2.78 IWPTextCursor.ReplaceText
Icon7.2.2.79 IWPTextCursor.ReportConvertTable
Icon7.2.2.80 IWPTextCursor.ReportConvertText
Icon7.2.2.81 IWPTextCursor.ReportInputBand
Icon7.2.2.82 IWPTextCursor.ReportInputGroup
Icon7.2.2.83 IWPTextCursor.ScrollToCP
Icon7.2.2.84 IWPTextCursor.SelectAll
Icon7.2.2.85 IWPTextCursor.SelectLine
Icon7.2.2.86 IWPTextCursor.SelectParagraph
Icon7.2.2.87 IWPTextCursor.SelectTable
Icon7.2.2.88 IWPTextCursor.SelectTableColumn
Icon7.2.2.89 IWPTextCursor.SelectTableRow
Icon7.2.2.90 IWPTextCursor.SelectText
Icon7.2.2.91 IWPTextCursor.SetColWidth
Icon7.2.2.92 IWPTextCursor.SetParName
Icon7.2.2.93 IWPTextCursor.SetRowHeight
Icon7.2.2.94 IWPTextCursor.SetTableLeftRight
Icon7.2.2.95 IWPTextCursor.TableClear
Icon7.2.2.96 IWPTextCursor.TableDelete
Icon7.2.2.97 IWPTextCursor.Undo
Icon7.2.2.98 IWPTextCursor.UndoClear
Icon7.2.2.99 IWPTextCursor.WordCharAttr
Icon7.2.2.100 IWPTextCursor.WordEnum
Icon7.2.2.101 IWPTextCursor.WordHighlight
Icon7.2.2.102 IWPTextCursor.SetColumns
Icon7.2.2.103 IWPTextCursor.SelectCell
Icon7.2.2.104 IWPTextCursor.EnumOpenObj
Icon7.2.2.105 IWPTextCursor.ExitTable
Icon7.2.2.106 IWPTextCursor.TableSplit
Icon7.2.2.107 IWPTextCursor.TableSort
Icon7.2.2.108 IWPTextCursor.ASetCellProp
Icon7.2.2.109 IWPTextCursor.ASetCellStyle
Icon7.2.2.110 IWPTextCursor.MergeCellHorz
Icon7.2.2.111 IWPTextCursor.MergeCellVert
Icon7.2.2.112 IWPTextCursor.ClearAllHeaders
Icon7.2.2.113 IWPTextCursor.ClearAllFooters
Icon7.2.3 Example: Convert to HTML
Icon7.3 TextDynamic as "Popup" or embedded editor (method wptextCreateDialog)
Icon7.3.1 Initialization of the editor in C++
Icon7.3.2 Use WPA Actions with Editor
Icon7.3.3 Use Commands
Icon7.3.4 Use the COM Interfaces
Icon7.3.5 Examples
Icon7.3.6 Pascal Definition
Icon7.3.7 C / C++ Headerfile
Icon7.4 Text Attributes (access and modify)
Icon7.4.1 IWPAttrInterface
Icon7.4.1.1 Properties
Icon7. CharAttrIndex
Icon7. ID
Icon7.4.1.2 Methods
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.AttrSet
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.AttrGet
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.AttrDel
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.BeginUpdate
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.Clear
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.ColorToNr
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.EndUpdate
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.IncludeStyles
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.ExcludeStyles
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.GetBGColor
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.GetBGColorNr
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.GetCharStyleSheetName
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.GetCharWidth
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.GetColor / ForeColor
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.GetColorNr
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.GetFontCharset
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.GetFontface
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.GetFontSize
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.GetStyles
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.GetTextLanguage
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.GetUnderlineColor
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.GetUnderlineColorNr
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.GetUnderlineMode
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.GetWPCSS
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.NrToColor
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.SetBGColor
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.SetBGColorNr
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.SetCharStyleSheetName
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.SetCharWidth
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.SetColor / ForeColor
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.SetColorNr
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.SetFontCharset
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.SetFontface
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.SetFontSize
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.SetStyles
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.SetTextLanguage
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.SetUnderlineColor
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.SetUnderlineColorNr
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.SetUnderlineMode
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.SetWPCSS
Icon7. IWPAttrInterface.ToggleStyle
Icon7.4.2 IWPCharacterAttr
Icon7.4.2.1 Properties
Icon7. BackgroundColor
Icon7. Bold
Icon7. CodeTextColor
Icon7. DoubleUnderline
Icon7. Hidden
Icon7. HotEffect
Icon7. HotTextColor
Icon7. Italic
Icon7. StrikeOut
Icon7. SubScript
Icon7. SuperScript
Icon7. TextColor
Icon7. Underline
Icon7. UnderlineColor
Icon7.4.2.2 Methods
Icon7. IWPCharacterAttr.SetCodeText
Icon7.5 Text Elements (paragraphs, objects, styles)
Icon7.5.1 IWPParInterface
Icon7.5.1.1 Properties
Icon7. Alignment
Icon7. AlignmentVert
Icon7. Borders
Icon7. CellCommand
Icon7. CellName
Icon7. CharCount
Icon7. IndentFirst
Icon7. IndentLeft
Icon7. IndentRight
Icon7. IsColMerge
Icon7. IsFooterRow
Icon7. IsHeaderRow
Icon7. IsHidden
Icon7. IsNewPage
Icon7. IsProtected
Icon7. IsRowMerge
Icon7. LineHeight
Icon7. NumberLevel
Icon7. NumberMode
Icon7. ParColor
Icon7. ParCSS
Icon7. ParShading
Icon7. ParWPCSS
Icon7. SpaceAfter
Icon7. SpaceBefore
Icon7. SpaceBetween
Icon7. StyleName
Icon7. TOCOutlineLevel
Icon7. WidthTW
Icon7.5.1.2 Methods to manage attributes
Icon7. IWPParInterface.ParASet
Icon7. IWPParInterface.ParAInc
Icon7. IWPParInterface.ParAGet
Icon7. IWPParInterface.ParADelBits
Icon7. IWPParInterface.ParADel
Icon7. IWPParInterface.ParAClear
Icon7. IWPParInterface.ParAAddBits
Icon7. IWPParInterface.SetCharAttr
Icon7. IWPParInterface.ReplaceCharAttr
Icon7. IWPParInterface.GetCharStyleAt
Icon7. IWPParInterface.GetCharSizeAt
Icon7. IWPParInterface.GetCharFontAt
Icon7. IWPParInterface.GetCharColorAt
Icon7. IWPParInterface.GetCharBGColorAt
Icon7. IWPParInterface.GetCharAttr
Icon7. IWPParInterface.ClearCharAttr
Icon7. IWPParInterface.CharAttr
Icon7.5.1.3 Methods to manage tab stops
Icon7. IWPParInterface.TabstopDelete
Icon7. IWPParInterface.TabstopClear
Icon7. IWPParInterface.TabAdd
Icon7. IWPParInterface.TabMove
Icon7. IWPParInterface.TabGetNext
Icon7. IWPParInterface.TabGet
Icon7. IWPParInterface.TabFind
Icon7. IWPParInterface.TabCount
Icon7.5.1.4 Methods to manage text and images
Icon7. IWPParInterface.SetText
Icon7. IWPParInterface.AppendText
Icon7. IWPParInterface.InsertText
Icon7. IWPParInterface.SetChar
Icon7. IWPParInterface.SaveToString
Icon7. IWPParInterface.ReplaceText
Icon7. IWPParInterface.LoadFromString
Icon7. IWPParInterface.LoadFromFile
Icon7. IWPParInterface.InsertNewObject
Icon7. IWPParInterface.HasText
Icon7. IWPParInterface.GetText
Icon7. IWPParInterface.GetSubText
Icon7. IWPParInterface.GetChar
Icon7. IWPParInterface.GetAllText
Icon7. IWPParInterface.DeleteChar
Icon7. IWPParInterface.CharObj
Icon7.5.1.5 Methods to manage the paragraph List
Icon7. Low level move Methods
Icon7. IWPParInterface.SwapWithPrevPar
Icon7. IWPParInterface.SwapWithNextPar
Icon7. IWPParInterface.SetPtr
Icon7. IWPParInterface.SetParType
Icon7. IWPParInterface.SelectLastPar
Icon7. IWPParInterface.SelectFirstParGlobal
Icon7. IWPParInterface.SelectFirstPar
Icon7. IWPParInterface.GetPtrPrev
Icon7. IWPParInterface.GetPtrParent
Icon7. IWPParInterface.GetPtrNext
Icon7. IWPParInterface.GetPtrChild
Icon7. IWPParInterface.GetPtr
Icon7. IWPParInterface.GetParType
Icon7. IWPParInterface.DuplicateEx
Icon7. IWPParInterface.Duplicate
Icon7. IWPParInterface.DeleteParEnd
Icon7. IWPParInterface.DeleteParagraph
Icon7. IWPParInterface.AppendNext
Icon7. IWPParInterface.AppendChild
Icon7.5.1.6 Other methods
Icon7. Convert Utility function
Icon7. IWPParInterface.WidthTwips
Icon7. IWPParInterface.StartCPOffset
Icon7. IWPParInterface.SetProp
Icon7. IWPParInterface.GetProp
Icon7. IWPParInterface.ParStrCommand
Icon7. IWPParInterface.ParCommand
Icon7. IWPParInterface.HeightTwips
Icon7.5.2 IWPDataBlock
Icon7.5.2.1 Properties
Icon7. ID
Icon7. IsEmpty
Icon7. Kind
Icon7. Name
Icon7. Range
Icon7. Readonly
Icon7. SectionID
Icon7. Text
Icon7. WorkOnText
Icon7. CurrPar
Icon7. CurrParAttr
Icon7.5.2.2 Methods
Icon7. IWPDataBlock.AppendParagraph
Icon7. IWPDataBlock.Clear
Icon7. IWPDataBlock.Delete
Icon7. IWPDataBlock.GetParPtrFirst
Icon7. IWPDataBlock.GetParPtrLast
Icon7. IWPDataBlock.SelectFirstPar
Icon7.5.3 IWPTextObj
Icon7.5.3.1 Properties
Icon7. Command
Icon7. Contents_Filename
Icon7. EmbeddedText
Icon7. Frame
Icon7. Height
Icon7. IntParam
Icon7. Mode
Icon7. Name
Icon7. ObjType
Icon7. Params
Icon7. PositionMode
Icon7. RelX
Icon7. RelY
Icon7. StyleName
Icon7. Width
Icon7. wpcss
Icon7. Wrap
Icon7.5.3.2 Methods
Icon7. IWPTextObj._SetObjType
Icon7. IWPTextObj.Clear
Icon7. IWPTextObj.Contents_Edit
Icon7. IWPTextObj.Contents_Height
Icon7. IWPTextObj.Contents_LoadFromFile
Icon7. IWPTextObj.Contents_SaveToFile
Icon7. IWPTextObj.Contents_Width
Icon7. IWPTextObj.DeleteObj
Icon7. IWPTextObj.GetContentsID
Icon7. IWPTextObj.GetEmbText
Icon7. IWPTextObj.GetFieldProp
Icon7. IWPTextObj.GetParentParPos
Icon7. IWPTextObj.GetParentParPtr
Icon7. IWPTextObj.GetProp
Icon7. IWPTextObj.GetPtr
Icon7. IWPTextObj.LoadFromFile
Icon7. IWPTextObj.LoadFromStream
Icon7. IWPTextObj.MakeEndTag
Icon7. IWPTextObj.MoveCursor
Icon7. IWPTextObj.MoveToPage
Icon7. IWPTextObj.ObjCommand
Icon7. IWPTextObj.ScaleSize
Icon7. IWPTextObj.Select
Icon7. IWPTextObj.SetContentsID
Icon7. IWPTextObj.SetEmbText
Icon7. IWPTextObj.SetFieldProp
Icon7. IWPTextObj.SetProp
Icon7. IWPTextObj.SetPtr
Icon7. IWPTextObj.ShowHint
Icon7.5.4 IWPNumberStyle
Icon7.5.4.1 Properties
Icon7. Color
Icon7. Font
Icon7. Group
Icon7. ID
Icon7. Indent
Icon7. LegalNumbering
Icon7. Level
Icon7. Mode
Icon7. Size
Icon7. TextA
Icon7. TextB
Icon7. WPCSS
Icon7.5.4.2 Methods
Icon7. IWPNumberStyle.ADel
Icon7. IWPNumberStyle.AGet
Icon7. IWPNumberStyle.ASet
Icon7. IWPNumberStyle.Command
Icon7. IWPNumberStyle.DeleteStyle
Icon7. IWPNumberStyle.SelectStyle
Icon7.6 Document Properties (page size, labels)
Icon7.6.1 IWPPageSize
Icon7.6.1.1 Properties
Icon7. BottomMargin
Icon7. Landscape
Icon7. LeftMargin
Icon7. MarginFooter
Icon7. MarginHeader
Icon7. MarginMirror
Icon7. PageHeight
Icon7. PageWidth
Icon7. RightMargin
Icon7. TopMargin
Icon7.6.1.2 Methods
Icon7. IWPPageSize.GetProp
Icon7. IWPPageSize.SetProp
Icon7. IWPPageSize.SetPageWH
Icon7. IWPPageSize.MakeDefault
Icon7. IWPPageSize.ReadDefault
Icon7.6.2 IWPPageSizeList
Icon7.6.2.1 Properties
Icon7. AsString
Icon7. Count
Icon7. LastPageHeight
Icon7. LastPageMaxHeight
Icon7. Resolution
Icon7. Active
Icon7.6.2.2 Methods
Icon7. IWPPageSizeList.Add
Icon7. IWPPageSizeList.AddEx
Icon7. IWPPageSizeList.Clear
Icon7. IWPPageSizeList.Delete
Icon7.6.3 IWPPrintParameter
Icon7.6.3.1 Properties
Icon7. AllPagePaperSource
Icon7. DontUpdateDEVMode
Icon7. DuplexMode
Icon7. FirstPagePaperSource
Icon7. Options
Icon7. PageList
Icon7. PageSides
Icon7. Title
Icon7.6.3.2 Methods
Icon7. IWPPrintParameter.SetExtraProp
Icon7.6.4 IWPLabelDef
Icon7.6.4.1 Properties
Icon7. Active
Icon7. AsText
Icon7. Bottom
Icon7. Caption
Icon7. ColumnCount
Icon7. Horizontal
Icon7. LabelHeight
Icon7. LabelWidth
Icon7. Left
Icon7. Name
Icon7. Padding
Icon7. Right
Icon7. RowCount
Icon7. SheetHeight
Icon7. SheetWidth
Icon7. StartNr
Icon7. Top
Icon7. UnitIsInch
Icon7. Vertical
Icon7.6.5 IWPMeasurePageParam
Icon7.6.5.1 Properties
Icon7. Changed
Icon7. ColCount
Icon7. Height
Icon7. MarginBottom
Icon7. MarginLeft
Icon7. MarginRight
Icon7. MarginTop
Icon7. PageNr
Icon7. Width
Icon7.7 GUI Properties
Icon7.7.1 IWPDllButton
Icon7.7.1.1 Properties
Icon7. Action
Icon7. Caption
Icon7. Disabled
Icon7. Font
Icon7. Hint
Icon7. Image
Icon7. IParam
Icon7. Name
Icon7. param
Icon7. Selected
Icon7. ShowCaption
Icon7. Typ
Icon7. Visible
Icon7. WPActionStyle
Icon7.7.1.2 Methods
Icon7. IWPDllButton.ItemsAdd
Icon7. IWPDllButton.ItemsClear
Icon7.8 Mailmerge
Icon7.8.1 Create Merge Fields
Icon7.8.2 Insert Data
Icon7.8.2.1 Use event MS Access
Icon7.8.2.2 If Interface cannot be used
Icon7.8.3 Highlight/HideFields
Icon7.8.4 Append to Editor #2
Icon7.8.5 Create Mailing Labels
Icon7.8.5.1 C# Code
Icon7.8.5.2 VB Code
Icon7.8.5.3 Resulting Label Sheet
Icon7.8.6 interface IWPFieldContents
Icon7.8.6.1 Properties
Icon7. Description
Icon7. FieldCommand
Icon7. FieldName
Icon7. FloatValue
Icon7. Format
Icon7. IsMergefield
Icon7. StringValue
Icon7. Title
Icon7.8.6.2 Methods
Icon7. IWPFieldContents.AddTable
Icon7. IWPFieldContents.ContinueOptions
Icon7. IWPFieldContents.CurrentBand
Icon7. IWPFieldContents.CurrentGroup
Icon7. IWPFieldContents.DeleteField
Icon7. IWPFieldContents.EmbeddedObject
Icon7. IWPFieldContents.ExecStrCommand
Icon7. IWPFieldContents.FieldAttr
Icon7. IWPFieldContents.FieldObject
Icon7. IWPFieldContents.InputHyperlink
Icon7. IWPFieldContents.LoadImage
Icon7. IWPFieldContents.LoadPicture
Icon7. IWPFieldContents.LoadText
Icon7. IWPFieldContents.SetValue
Icon7.9 Reporting
Icon7.9.1 Introduction
Icon7.9.1.1 Comparison to "usual" reporting
Icon7.9.1.2 Example
Icon7.9.2 Token to Template Conversion
Icon7.9.2.1 General Syntax - Fields
Icon7.9.2.2 Bands
Icon7.9.2.3 Groups
Icon7.9.2.4 Parameters for Fields
Icon7.9.2.5 Parameters for Bands and Groups
Icon7.9.2.6 Example Template
Icon7.9.3 Event driven reporting
Icon7.9.4 VS2008 Reporting Demo
Icon7.9.4.1 Basis
Icon7.9.4.2 File Menu
Icon7.9.4.3 Use conditions for bands
Icon7.9.4.4 View Menu - (Hide/ShowTemplate)
Icon7.9.5 RTF2PDF - Reporting  C# Sample
Icon7.9.6 DB-Description and Template architecture
Icon7.9.7 MS Access Example
Icon7.9.7.1 MS Access code
Icon7.9.7.2 DAO Example to create DB-Description
Icon7.9.8 API
Icon7.9.8.1 IWPReport
Icon7. XML DB-Description
Icon7. What are groups
Icon7. What are bands
Icon7. What are fields
Icon7. What are group variables
Icon7. What are formulas
Icon7. Properties
Icon7. AsXML
Icon7. BandCount
Icon7. Database
Icon7. RecordSet
Icon7. RepositoryCaption
Icon7. ShowRepository
Icon7. TemplateEditorStyle
Icon7. Methods
Icon7. IWPReport.ConvertTokens
Icon7. IWPReport.CreateReport
Icon7. IWPReport.Command
Icon7. IWPReport.AddBand
Icon7. IWPReport.AddField
Icon7. IWPReport.AddGroup
Icon7. IWPReport.AddSection
Icon7. IWPReport.AddText
Icon7. IWPReport.AddVar
Icon7. IWPReport.Band
Icon7. IWPReport.Clear
Icon7. IWPReport.DefinePageSize
Icon7. IWPReport.FindGroup
Icon7. IWPReport.GetError
Icon7. IWPReport.GetErrorCount
Icon7. IWPReport.InitGroup
Icon7. IWPReport.InitTemplate
Icon7. IWPReport.LoadFromFile
Icon7. IWPReport.ModifyXML
Icon7. IWPReport.SaveToFile
Icon7. IWPReport.SelectSection
Icon7. IWPReport.SetAutomatic
Icon7. IWPReport.SetProp
Icon7. IWPReport.ShowResult
Icon7. IWPReport.ShowTemplate
Icon7.9.8.2 IWPReportBand
Icon7. Properties
Icon7. Alias
Icon7. BandCount
Icon7. Count
Icon7. DBParams
Icon7. Depth
Icon7. DisplayName
Icon7. GroupRadioNr
Icon7. GroupSiblingNr
Icon7. Mode
Icon7. Name
Icon7. Options
Icon7. ParAttr
Icon7. ParentGroupCount
Icon7. ParentGroupName
Icon7. ParentParentGroup
Icon7. ParentParentGroupCount
Icon7. RecordSet
Icon7. Selected
Icon7. State
Icon7. Typ
Icon7. Visibility
Icon7. Methods
Icon7. IWPReportBand.AddBand
Icon7. IWPReportBand.AddTable
Icon7. IWPReportBand.Band
Icon7. IWPReportBand.CheckSyntax
Icon7. IWPReportBand.Clear
Icon7. IWPReportBand.FindVar
Icon7. IWPReportBand.GetParPtr
Icon7. IWPReportBand.GetProp
Icon7. IWPReportBand.GetVar
Icon7. IWPReportBand.ParentGroup
Icon7. IWPReportBand.SetParPtr
Icon7. IWPReportBand.SetProp
Icon7. IWPReportBand.VarCount
Icon7.9.8.3 IWPReportVar
Icon7. Properties
Icon7. Description
Icon7. Format
Icon7. GetTextFormula
Icon7. LoopFormula
Icon7. Mode
Icon7. Name
Icon7. ParStyle
Icon7. StartFormula
Icon7. Text
Icon7. Title
Icon7. Value
Icon7. WidthTW
Icon7. Methods
Icon7. IWPReportVar.ElementsAdd
Icon7. IWPReportVar.ElementsClear
Icon7. IWPReportVar.ElementsCount
Icon7. IWPReportVar.ElementsGet
Icon7.10 Spellcheck
Icon7.10.1 IWPSpell
Icon7.10.1.1 Methods
Icon7. IWPSpell.AddFromFile
Icon7. IWPSpell.AddFromPath
Icon7. IWPSpell.AddWord
Icon7. IWPSpell.ClearAll
Icon7. IWPSpell.Execute
Icon7. IWPSpell.GetLanguage
Icon7. IWPSpell.GetLanguageName
Icon7. IWPSpell.InDictionary
Icon7. IWPSpell.LoadSetup
Icon7. IWPSpell.SaveSetup
Icon7. IWPSpell.SetLanguage
Icon7. IWPSpell.SetProperty
Icon7. IWPSpell.SetSetupPersistency
Icon7. IWPSpell.UserDictAdd
Icon7. IWPSpell.UserDictRemove
Icon7.11 PDF Creation, Email
Icon7.11.1 IWPPdfCreator
Icon7.11.1.1 Properties
Icon7. CIDFontMode
Icon7. Compression
Icon7. FontMode
Icon7. OwnerPW
Icon7. PDFAMode
Icon7. PDFFile
Icon7. Protection
Icon7. Security
Icon7. UserWP
Icon7.11.1.2 Methods
Icon7. IWPPdfCreator.BeginDoc
Icon7. IWPPdfCreator.EndDoc
Icon7. IWPPdfCreator.GetProperty
Icon7. IWPPdfCreator.Print, Export
Icon7. IWPPdfCreator.PreparePDFAttachment
Icon7. IWPPdfCreator.PrintSecond
Icon7. IWPPdfCreator.SetProp
Icon7. IWPPdfCreator.SetProperty
Icon7.11.2 IWPMapi
Icon7.11.2.1 Properties
Icon7. AddHTML
Icon7. AddPDF
Icon7. AttachmentList
Icon7. BCCList
Icon7. Body
Icon7. CCList
Icon7. FromAddress
Icon7. FromName
Icon7. MAPIFlags
Icon7. Recipients
Icon7. Subject
Icon7.11.2.2 Methods
Icon7. IWPMapi.AddBCCRecipient
Icon7. IWPMapi.AddCCRecipient
Icon7. IWPMapi.AddRecipient
Icon7. IWPMapi.AppendFile
Icon7. IWPMapi.Clear
Icon7. IWPMapi.Command
Icon7. IWPMapi.InitEmailDLL
Icon7. IWPMapi.Prepare
Icon7. IWPMapi.Send
Icon7. IWPMapi.Send2
Icon7. IWPMapi.SetAppHandle
Icon7. IWPMapi.SetTEMPDir
Icon7.12 Helpers
Icon7.12.1 IWPTextWriter
Icon7.12.1.1 Properties
Icon7. SaveName
Icon7. SavePath
Icon7.12.1.2 Methods
Icon7. IWPTextWriter.WriteData
Icon7. IWPTextWriter.WriteString
Icon7.12.2 IWPPicture
Icon7.12.3 IWPStream - Stream2WPStream
Icon7.13 WPA Actions
Icon7.13.1 API
Icon7.13.2 Custom Actions
Icon7.13.3 List
Icon7.14 WPAT_codes
Icon7.14.1 Character Attributes
Icon7.14.2 Predefined Color Index Values
Icon7.14.3 Paragraph Attributes
Icon7.14.4 Numbering Attributes
Icon7.14.5 Border Attributes
Icon7.14.6 Table Size and Position
Icon8 Tasks (Problems and their Solution)
Icon8.1 Categories in the programmers reference
Icon8.2 RTF2PDF in ASP.NET
Icon8.3 ASP TransferHelper (RTF2PDF)
Icon8.4 Load & Save
Icon8.5 Create Text using code
Icon8.6 Create a page header with page numbers
Icon8.7 Example: Format C# Code
Icon8.8 Extract Metafiles/Print into Rectangles
Icon8.9 HTML/E-MAIL loading and saving
Icon8.9.1 Technical Information
Icon8.9.2 Create HTML
Icon8.9.3 Format Options
Icon8.9.4 Create and send Emails
Icon8.9.5 Create MIME encoded e-mail data
Icon8.10 Use TextDynamic in C++ (VS2008)
Icon8.11 The border dialog
Icon8.12 Mailmerge (document variables)
Icon9 Test Application
Icon10 Package Files (Modify GUI)
Icon10.1 Working with image lists
Icon10.2 Provided Glyphs
Icon10.3 Working with Edit-layouts
Icon10.3.1 <layout>
Icon10.3.2 <toolbar> or <Panel..>
Icon10.3.2.1 Tree-Mode Editor
Icon10.3.2.2 wpa Action Names
Icon10.3.3 Example
Icon10.3.4 Template Layout
Icon10.3.5 Popup Menues
Icon10.4 Language File
Icon11 TextDynamic V7 Release Notes
Icon12 TextDynamic V1.x Release Notes
Icon13 RTF2PDF Release Notes
Icon14 Info: WPViewPDF - View, merge and split PDF files
Icon15 Info: Server side PDF creation and text conversion (RTF2PDF)

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