step by step installation in Delphi XE and later

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Please install your component in a special directory, such as c:\VCL and not under "programs". Otherwise you end up with very long path names, problems to backup your projects and and problems with the windows access protection.



1) Open the "RT" package, that's the runtime package.




Please find the folder with the correct files within the WPTools installation. The XE files are under WPTools\VCL\XE.., Delphi 10 and later are under WPTools\VCL\DX...


Here we select the files for XE8:




Click on "Compile". The BPL will be created in the default directory .



2) Now open the "DS" package project file. For XE8 this is WPTools8_XE_Pack_DS.dproj.


Click on "Install" in the project explorer




3) Normally Delphi will add the path to the directory automatically to its library path.


If required you can also add it manually.


(Access the Options dialog from the Menu Tools/Options)