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function AGetBorder(var Border: TBorder; IsTableBord, Init, Overwrite: Boolean): Boolean;


Initialize the border record with the setting in this paragraph.

      When Init=TRUE all values will be initialized.


procedure ASetBorder(const Border: TBorder);


Define the borders using the given border record. Don't forget to set blEnabled in LineType

     otherwise all borders will be disabled. This function overwrites all defined borders in these

     paragraphs and, if all borders are the same or 0, removes existing definitions.


TBorder is defined as:


TBorderType = set of (BlLeft, BlTop, BlRight, BLBottom,

   BlInsideV, BlInsideH,   BlDiagLB, BlDiagRB,   BLBar,

   BlFinish, BLBox, BlEnabled );


TWPBrdLine = (brdLeft, brdTop, brdRight, brdBottom,

   brdInsideV, brdInsideH, brdDiagLB, brdDiagRB, brdBar);


TBorder = record

   LineType: TBorderType; // Switch On certain Borders

   BorderType: array[BlLeft..BLBar] of Integer; // Properties of this border

   BorderColor: array[BlLeft..BLBar] of Integer;

   BorderWidth: array[BlLeft..BLBar] of Integer;

  // If This values are <>0 or if "UseAllBorder=true" they

   // are used instead the above arrays

   UseAllBorder: Boolean;

   AllBorderType: Integer;

   AllBorderColor: Integer;

   AllBorderWidth: Integer;



The TBorder record is not saved with the text style. Only the non-default values are stored as regular attributes, using the ASet and AGet procedures using the WPAT_codes.