Changed Classes

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The RTF Engine concept has been changed greatly. It is no longer possible to use a RTF-Engine object, such as "TWPRtfTextPaint" in WPTools 4, to identify certain text or text properties - In WPTools Version 9 the text objects are accessed directly, not through the 'RTF-Engine': The TWPRTFProps are now used for text properties, such as colors and styles. For text either the TWPRTFDataCollection or the TWPRTFDataBlock is used. An exception of this rule is the cursor class, also accessible through TWPRichText.TextCursor. It contains many variables and procedures which used to be in the  TWPRtfTextPaint object.(see Data Structures)


Usually code does not require a reference to the RTF-Engine since this reference is provided by the editor control (TWPCustomRichText, TWPCustomRtfEdit).


Thus, in general it is possible to replace something like "RtfText : TWPRtfTextPaint" with a reference to a TWPCustomRtfEdit.




The TWPCustomRtfEdit class is defined in the unit WPCtrMemo. It contains access to the RTF engine (Memo), the TWPRTFData object (Memo.RTFData) and the possibility to change attributes (through Memo.Cursor). However, it does not contain the 'CurrAttr' property, which has been defined under the unit WPCTRRich, in the class TWPCustomRichText.