How to use the "Default Editor"

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Can you create a full blown word processing application in one minute?


Yes, with WPTools Version 9 you can.


WPTools 9 includes the DefaultEditor from WPTools 6 (WPDefEditor) and also the WPDefEditor7 which is using the DefaultActions7 and was introduced with WPTools 7. The new "7" action datamodule is incompatible to Delphi 5.


This default editor is a bit dated in WPTools 9. However it uses the new icons once the unit WPICONS was added to the project. This works, because in the OnCreate event in unit wpDefActions7 code is called to populate the imagelist with glyphs loaded from the resource:



if glWPImageList<>nil then


    StdIcons.Width := 24;

    StdIcons.Height := 24;