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WPAT_codes are used to set and retrieve paragraph and style attributes.


The storage concept makes it possible to not only store up to 255 different values for each paragraph object, but also to support the state that a property was not defined. In that case it can be inherited from ancestor or attached style.


In most cases an attribute is read with


if par.AGet(WPAT_...., intvalue) then ... process intvalue


It is also possible to set a default:


intvalue := par.AGetDef( WPAT_...., constant_default );



Not all codes which are defined are already used in WPTools Version 9. The reserved codes are printed in gray color.


The method TWPTextStyle.AGet(WPAT_code : Integer; var Value : Integer) is mainly used to read a property.


Please make sure you initialized the variable "Value"!



If your program manipulates the text by direct access to the TParagraph objects it is required to call ReformatAll before the change becomes visible.