Icon1 What is WPTools?
Icon2 New features
Icon3 License
Icon4 Technical Notes
Icon5 List of Demo Projects
Icon6 Installation/Troubleshooting
Icon6.1 Create package for C++Builder
Icon6.2 Create editor in code in C++
Icon7 Programming Overview
Icon7.1 Data Structures
Icon7.2 Modify the look and feel of the editor
Icon7.2.1 Layoutmodes
Icon7.2.2 Hover Effects
Icon7.2.3 EditOptions
Icon7.2.4 ViewOptions
Icon7.2.5 Format Options
Icon7.2.6 HideTableBorders
Icon7.3 Toolbar and Action Classes
Icon7.4 Change current writing mode
Icon7.5 Change Page Size and Page margins
Icon7.6 Create an own toolbar
Icon7.7 FastAppendText: Create text with multiple letters
Icon7.7.1 Example: FastAppendText
Icon7.7.2 Create Sections with FastAppendText
Icon7.7.3 Create Lists
Icon7.7.4 Save created text
Icon7.8 Get and set the text "as string"
Icon7.9 Header and Footer
Icon7.10 Hyperlinks
Icon7.11 Use TextObjects (i.e. page numbers, sum fields, dynamic chapter headlines)
Icon7.12 TWPTextObjectClasses - customize TWPTextObj
Icon7.12.1 Example: Print a page number
Icon7.12.2 Example: Create comboboxes for edit fields
Icon7.12.3 Example: Set fixed width for edit field
Icon7.13 Insert Text
Icon7.14 Load & Save
Icon7.14.1 Cache Images
Icon7.15 Mail Merge (replace fields with data) and data forms
Icon7.15.1 Create Field
Icon7.15.1.1 InputMergeField
Icon7.15.1.2 InputEditField
Icon7.15.1.3 ReplaceTokens
Icon7.15.1.4 Low Level
Icon7.15.2 Customize Field Display
Icon7.15.3 Update Field (Insert Text from Database)
Icon7.15.3.1 Start Merge process
Icon7.15.3.2 Event OnMailMergeGetText
Icon7. TWPMMInsertTextContents
Icon7. procedure Clear
Icon7. procedure Abort
Icon7. procedure LoadTextFromStream(s: TStream)
Icon7. procedure LoadTextFromFile(const FileName: string)
Icon7. function LoadImageFromFile(const FileName: string; w: Integer = 0; h: Integer = 0): Boolean;
Icon7. property DataCollection: TWPRTFDataCollection
Icon7. property DataBlock: TWPRTFDataBlock
Icon7. property MergeAttr: TWPStoredCharAttrInterface
Icon7. property MergePar: TParagraph
Icon7. property MergeParPos: Integer
Icon7. property Obj: TObject
Icon7. property CodePage: Integer
Icon7. property StringValue: AnsiString
Icon7. property WideStringValue: WideString
Icon7. property OldText: string
Icon7. property OldFormattedText: string
Icon7. property OldIsPlain: Boolean
Icon7. property CurrentObject: TWPObject
Icon7. property CurrentTxtObject: TWPTextObj
Icon7. property Options: TWPMailMergeContinueOptions
Icon7. property Name: string
Icon7. property FieldnamePart: string
Icon7. property DatasetnamePart: string
Icon7. property Command: string
Icon7. property StartInspObject: TWPTextObj
Icon7. property EndInspObject: TWPTextObj
Icon7. property DisplayName: string
Icon7. property Format: Integer
Icon7. property Modified: Boolean
Icon7. property Hyperlink: string
Icon7. property HyperlinkName: string
Icon7. property IsNull: TWPMMInsertTextContentsNull
Icon7. property ReplaceMode: TWPMMInsertTextContentsReplaceMode
Icon7. Preserve Attributes of text inside a field
Icon7.15.3.3 FieldLocate: Modify Field Name or Contents
Icon7.15.3.4 Use TWPMMDataProvider
Icon7.15.4 Hide empty paragraphs
Icon7.15.5 Forms & Edit Fields (data forms)
Icon7.15.5.1 Create Fields
Icon7.15.5.2 Implement a checkbox
Icon7.15.5.3 Control Rendering
Icon7.15.5.4 Read and Write Data
Icon7.15.5.5 Change width of field
Icon7.15.5.6 Validate Input
Icon7.15.5.7 Hints
Icon7.15.6 Create ComboBox
Icon7.15.7 Working with multiple threads
Icon7.15.8 TWPMMDataProvider
Icon7.16 Move the Cursor
Icon7.16.1 CPChar, CPMoveNext, etc.
Icon7.16.2 Search&Replace Text
Icon7.17 Printing - how to set printer properties
Icon7.18 Save to HTML / Load from HTML
Icon7.19 WYSIWYG
Icon8 Guide
Icon8.1 A) Mini Editor (Use TWPToolbar)
Icon8.2 B) Localization - change Language in Dialogs
Icon8.3 C) Work with images
Icon8.3.1 Technical Information
Icon8.3.2 About Linked Images
Icon8.3.3 Example Code
Icon8.3.4 Provide a Graphic Popup Menu
Icon8.3.5 Images and Mailmerge
Icon8.4 D) How to use the "Default Editor"
Icon8.4.1 Using "Old" module
Icon8.4.2 Using V7 Module
Icon8.5 E) Ribbon Applications
Icon8.5.1 Standard XE3 Ribbons
Icon8.5.2 TMS Office 2010
Icon8.5.2.1 Start
Icon8.5.2.2 Populate Edit Menu
Icon8.5.2.3 Populate Style toolbar with Font and Color Selector
Icon8.5.2.4 Populate Table toolbar
Icon8.5.2.5 Make the File menu work
Icon8.5.2.6 Style Scroller
Icon8.6 F) Mini Editor
Icon8.7 G) Low level text creation
Icon8.7.1 Create Table from Database
Icon8.7.2 Create Table in Code
Icon8.7.3 Set Attributes in code (unit WPCreateDemoText)
Icon8.7.4 Auto capitalisation
Icon8.7.5 Create a text header with image
Icon8.7.6 Measure Paragraph - calculate width
Icon8.8 J) Label Priniting
Icon8.8.1 LabelDef
Icon8.8.1.1 Active
Icon8.8.1.2 UnitIsInch
Icon8.8.1.3 SheetWidth
Icon8.8.1.4 SheetHeight
Icon8.8.1.5 Vertical
Icon8.8.1.6 Top
Icon8.8.1.7 StartNr
Icon8.8.1.8 RowCount
Icon8.8.1.9 Right
Icon8.8.1.10 Padding
Icon8.8.1.11 Name
Icon8.8.1.12 Left
Icon8.8.1.13 LabelWidth
Icon8.8.1.14 LabelHeight
Icon8.8.1.15 Horizontal
Icon8.8.1.16 ColumnCount
Icon8.8.1.17 Caption
Icon8.8.1.18 Bottom
Icon8.8.1.19 AsText
Icon8.8.2 Example Project
Icon8.8.2.1 Initialization
Icon8.8.2.2 After changing sheet size and margins
Icon8.8.2.3 Change of column count or row count
Icon8.8.2.4 Change of label width and height
Icon8.8.2.5 ReadProps and StoreProps
Icon8.9 H) Techniques
Icon8.9.1 Styles
Icon8.9.1.1 Shared Styles and Style Scroller
Icon8.9.1.2 Read/Write CSS
Icon8.9.1.3 Add and Assign style
Icon8.9.1.4 Work with SPAN Styles
Icon8.9.1.5 Numbering
Icon8.9.2 Tables
Icon8.9.2.1 Set width in inch of a certain column
Icon8.9.2.2 Work with % width
Icon8.9.2.3 Useful code samples for table handling
Icon8.9.3 Multiple Editors for the Same Text
Icon8.9.3.1 Create Multi View in Code
Icon8.9.3.2 Use TWPRTFStorage
Icon8.9.4 Mail Merge extended - InsertTable, use custom data provider interface
Icon8.9.5 Simulated MDI (one editor, multiple documents)
Icon8.9.6 Watermarks
Icon8.9.7 PaintEngine
Icon8.9.7.1 Superprint: Print Booklets and Labels
Icon8.9.7.2 Print/Edit elements of TWPRTFDataCollection
Icon8.9.7.3 Print Labels (TWPSuperPrint)
Icon8.9.8 Sections
Icon8.9.8.1 Full implementation - shows how to work with sections
Icon8.9.8.2 Use utility procedure AppendAsSection
Icon8.9.8.3 Use strings in WPTOOLS format with the <newsection/> tag
Icon8.9.8.4 Append section with individual footer (or header)
Icon8.9.9 Syntax Highlighting
Icon8.9.9.1 TWPSynEditHighlight
Icon8.9.9.2 TWPCustomSyntax
Icon8.9.9.3 TWPXMLSyntax
Icon8.9.9.4 TWPXMLRTFSyntax
Icon8.9.9.5 TWPFieldSyntax
Icon8.9.9.6 TWPFieldBandSyntax
Icon8.9.10 TextObjects
Icon8.9.10.1 TWPTextObj with custom draw event
Icon8.9.11 Add PDF Export
Icon8.9.12 Database, TDBWPRichText
Icon8.10 M) Appendix
Icon8.10.1 MIME Import / Export
Icon8.10.1.1 Reader / Writer
Icon8.10.1.2 Demo
Icon8.10.2 HTTP Interface
Icon8.10.2.1 Form Setup
Icon8.10.2.2 Unit Initialization
Icon8.10.2.3 User Action and History Management
Icon8.10.2.4 Load Method
Icon8.10.2.5 Webbrowser with WPTools
Icon8.10.2.6 Source View
Icon8.10.3 XML editor mode
Icon8.10.4 Work with sub paragragraphs
Icon8.10.5 Use "External Pages"
Icon8.10.6 Create Text Paths
Icon8.10.7 Bookmarks
Icon8.11 N) PDF export with wPDF
Icon8.11.1 Export to PDF
Icon8.11.2 Export using dialog
Icon8.11.3 Export using PaintRTFPage()
Icon8.11.4 Create edit / memo fields
Icon8.11.5 Create a check box field
Icon8.11.6 Create embedded data objects
Icon8.12 O) Adding Spellcheck
Icon8.12.1 Use WPSpell
Icon8.13 K) WPReporter Addon
Icon8.13.1 Reporting with WPReporter
Icon8.13.2 WPReporter - step by step
Icon8.13.3 WPReporter Events
Icon8.13.4 Convert text into template
Icon8.13.5 Comparison to "usual" reporting
Icon8.13.6 Calculation in Text and Tables
Icon8.13.7 Reporter and Bookmarks
Icon8.13.8 Token to Template Conversion
Icon8.13.8.1 General Syntax - Fields
Icon8.13.8.2 Syntax Highlighting
Icon8.13.8.3 Bands
Icon8.13.8.4 Groups
Icon8.13.8.5 Parameters for Fields
Icon8.13.8.6 Parameters for Bands and Groups
Icon8.13.8.7 Example Template
Icon8.14 L) WPPremium Addon
Icon8.14.1 Text boxes
Icon8.14.1.1 Create Textbox
Icon8.14.1.2 Ownerpaint Textbox
Icon8.14.1.3 Make the text box editable
Icon8.14.1.4 Low level textbox creation
Icon8. TWPORTFTextBox.Create
Icon8. TextObjects.InsertTextBox
Icon8. TextObjects.InsertClass
Icon8.14.2 Footnotes
Icon8.14.3 Columns
Icon8.15 DOCX Support
Icon9 Reference
Icon9.1 Reader and Writer
Icon9.2 Toolbar and Actions, OnOpenDialog
Icon9.3 TParagraph API
Icon9.3.1 TParagraph Properties
Icon9.3.2 TParagraph Methods
Icon9.3.3 AppendParCopy
Icon9.4 TWPRTFDataCursor
Icon9.4.1 Drop-Markers
Icon9.4.2 Attribute Interfaces
Icon9.5 Manage Style Properties
Icon9.5.1 List of 'A' methods
Icon9.5.2 ASet/GetBorder
Icon10 WPAT_codes
Icon10.1 Character Attributes
Icon10.2 Paragraph Attributes
Icon10.3 Numbering Attributes
Icon10.4 Border Attributes
Icon10.5 Table Size and Position
Icon11 C++Builder Notes
Icon11.1 Example: Create dynamic TWPCustomRTFEdit
Icon11.2 Example: Create image object and insert
Icon12 Notes for Upgraders
Icon12.1 ... when upgrading from WPTools 5 or 6
Icon12.2 ... when upgrading from WPTools 4
Icon12.2.1 Updated Rendering and Formatting
Icon12.2.2 Changed Unit Names
Icon12.2.3 Changed Classes
Icon12.2.4 Changed Pointers
Icon12.2.5 Changed GUI elements
Icon12.2.6 New Border Handling
Icon12.2.7 Changed Style Handling
Icon12.2.8 BackgroundImage
Icon13 Release Notes - WPTools 7
Icon14 Release Notes - WPTools 6
Icon15 Release Notes - WPTools 5
Icon16 PDF Products

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