big PDF rendering slow...

  • hello,

    is it possible to render faster? my PDF i over 10MB

    i use imageen and i would have the same probleme
    but with :
    ImageEnVect1.LegacyBitmap := False;
    ImageEnVect1.IEBitmap.Location := ieFile;
    work very fast

    have WPViewPDF VCL similar options?


  • Hello,

    the size of the PDF file usually does not say much how "big" a PDF is. I assume in your case it is a CAD drawing which can be very big paper size.

    The ImageEn plugin will create a bitmap and render at 300dpi to ist.

    The "MakeImage" call used by the plugin would also work at reduced resolution or you can provide a fixed width / height value for the bitmap. This will increase the speed. For example the thumbnails are rendered this method.