• Hi,

    Is it possible to get the complete changelog ?

    The last version in "wPDFMan.pdf" is "wPDF Version 4.33 (10.10.2016)"
    And the current version seems to be "18/04/2017"

    Maybe I can find it elsewhere ?

    Thanks !

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    the list in the documentation.

    wPDF Version 4.35.1 (4.5.2017)
    + added support for Delphi 10.2
    - fix for stability issue with large unicode fonts in 64bit environment
    - improved XMP writing

    wPDF Version 4.33 (10.10.2016)
    * fixes problem with unicode links
    - fixes problem with ArcTo in paths.
    * improvment for thai fonts
    - fix strikeout problem and Type3 fonts
    * use property ModesEx: wpDisableRotationAlignCorrection to fiox problem is rotated textes are moved

    wPDF Version 4.15 (16.2.2016)
    * updated Arc routine
    * outlines now work also when named destinations were used
    * improvement to attached files

    wPDF Version 4.14 (27.1.2016)
    - improvement in AttachFile method to work with unicode file paths
    - fix in string compare method used when writing names, such as named destinations.
    (Note - please do not use the sign # in named destinations)
    + new method: WPDF_ConvertImageFiles

    wPDF Version 4.12 (2.12.2015)
    - text which looked like barcode was not printed correctly
    - fix problem with dash sign
    - text which looked like barcode was not printed correctly
    - fix problem with dash sign
    * several fixes in PDF conversion (rotated text)

    wPDF Version 4.11 (7.10.2015)
    + support for Delphi 10
    * improved combobox fields
    - fix for Type3 embedding
    - list of embedded files was not always detected correctly by reader
    + added flag wpdfaLevel3B which is essential for the ZUGFeRD support
    - the font Segoe UI Symbol was not exported correctly
    * improved code to undo a SetWorldTransform in PDF code
    - rotated text was not printed at the correct position if it was converted to glyphs

    wPDF Version 4.09 (27.5.2015)
    - fixes problems with CIDFont export when certain glyphs were not found
    - fixes problem with Cambria Math font

    wPDF Version 4.08' (9.3.2015)
    - fixes a problem with polypolygon api used inside of pathes

    wPDF Version 4.08 (28.2.2015)
    - calculation of text rectangles have been updated
    - wpNoTextScaling was ignored before
    - hatches are not drawn with a background (caused black boxes)
    - update of annotation used for embedded data

    wPDF Version 4.07 (7.11.2014)
    * wpAllSymbolFontsAsGlyph mode will now create Type3 fonts for symbols, not individual glyphs.
    +Type1 fonts can now be embedded (subset is not possible)
    - improved y coordinate calculation in glyph output, i.e. when printing symbols
    - improved font ability detection
    + DevModesEx wpPrintTextWordByWord is useful when tabs are printed using the dx parameter of ExtTextOut
    (Only required when Type3 and CIDMode is not used)
    - fixed broken support for WPTools 4

    wPDF Version 4.06' (23.9.2014)
    - further improve support for images with transparency masks
    - fix problem TextOut problem. Only use background color for the text itself.

    wPDF Version 4.06 (19.9.2014)
    + added support for Delphi XE7
    - improved Type3 text printing on rotated coordinate systems
    - fixed problem with semi transparent images
    - with some drawing code a rg command within a path caused a message from the PDF reader
    * when creation annotations it is now possible to suppress that they are added to the interactive AcroForm Fields directory by adding 8192 to the AcroMode parameter

    wPDF Version 4.05 (17.7.2014)
    + property Type3Fonts is a list of fonts which should always be embedded as Type3
    + Create combobox fields using the API DrawTextField
    - fix problem when embedding Verdana Italic

    wPDF Version 4.04 (20.6.2014)
    + WPTools 7.14 or later now export PNG with transparency masks
    * improvement to Type3 font embedding

    wPDF Version 4.03 (5.6.2014)
    * improvements to PDF/A creation
    * improvement to Type3 font embedding
    + PNG support now handles PNGs which use palette
    + DrawPNG function can now draw into the context of the Canvas (for better Z-Order control)
    + DrawJPG - exprt JPEG data directly
    + DrawAnnotation can create various annotations by directly specifying PDF parameters.
    Also appearance streams can be added and Popup Annotations can be assigned
    + GDI commands to create hyperlinks

    wPDF Version 4.02 (11.5.2014)
    + added support for Delphi XE6
    - fixed problem with schema extension with non unicode compiler

    wPDF Version 4.01 (4.4.2014)
    + add new method: function AddFileAttachment(
    Name, Desc : WideString; Filename : WideString;
    const Typ : WideString = 'text/xml';
    ModDate: TDateTime = 0):Boolean;
    + add new method: AddFileAttachment(
    Name, Desc : WideString; Stream : TStream;
    const Typ : WideString = 'text/xml';
    ModDate: TDateTime = 0):Boolean; overload;
    + add new method: procedure AddXMPExtra(const SchemaPartXML, InfoPartXML : WideString) . this method can be used to add custom meta data in XMP format.

    wPDF Version 4.00 (19.3.2014)
    + add new fontmode: wpEmbedType3 - create type3 fonts which are very compact
    + add new fontmode: wpEmbedCIDFonts - select the CID Font "unicode" mode which was added to wPDF 3
    + add properties: Info.CopyrightNotice, Info.CopyrightURL and Info.CopyrightPublicDomain
    + DrawPNGFile. This methods exports a PNG file. It requires the PDF Engine to be able to decode PNG.
    + DrawPNG: This method exports PNG data. It requires the PDF Engine to be able to decode PNG.
    * many optimizations to the EMF conversion engine