WPTools package & Delphi 10.1 (Berlin) - Unable to create a 64Bit platform with a PRO edition ...

  • Howdy,

    I'm attempting (unsuccessfully) to create a 64Bit version of the WPTools package within Delphi 10.1.

    For ref, I have WPTools Professional Bundle 7.28 which was downloaded a few min's ago (again) as:

    WPTools7PROBND.zip (containing a single file: setup.exe). When opening & attempting to set up &

    build a corresponding package, WPTools7_DX11.Bpl, no option is available for a 64Bit Target Platform.

    I was under the impression either a PRO or Premium edition of WPTools would provide the ability to

    create a 64Bit version within Delphi: How can this problem be solved?


    Marc Bolen

  • Howdy Julian,

    To begin: I appreciate the rapid response!

    Taking your reply (above) into account, I removed WPTools7_DX11.Dcp from

    the Requires clause of a .Bpl I was attempting to build into a 64Bit platform.

    I left the various WPTools source ref's within the USES clauses within my project &

    I was able to successfully rebuild my project into a 64Bit platform.


    Marc Bolen