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Character Attributes

Methods to read and write the character attributes

Character Styles

Methods to read and write the attributes, bold, italic, underlined ...

Paragraphstyle Support

Interfaces, Properties and Methods to use Paragraph styles

Load and Save

Methods to load and save the text as file, stream or string. (RTF, XML, HTML ...)

Hyperlinks and Bookmarks

Create and use Hyperlinks and Bookmarks

Image Support

Methods to insert and manipulate images

Hader and Footer Support

Create and manage header and footer texts

Callback Functions

Enumerate all paragraphs, styles or header/footer texts

Table Support

Create and modify tables


Update and read out data fields in the text

TextDynamic CSS strings

Use 'WPCSS' strings to store and apply attributes

Document Properties

Save and Load string variables with documents

Attribute IDs

Methods with work with attributes referenced by IDs

Position Markers

Methods to temporarily save cursor position

Lowlevel Paragraph IDs

Paragraph IDs can be used to change "current" paragraph

Logical MDI Support

Manage multiple documents in one control.


Properties and methods for printing


With the TextDynamic report a text file (RTF or WPT format) is created which allows full editing, including changing of the page size.


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