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TextDynamic stores paragraph and paragraph style attribute values (such as indents and spacing) using a value and an ID. The ID is the "WPAT code".


List of WPAT codes:

Character Attributes

Predefined Color Index Values

Paragraph Attributes

Numbering Attributes

Border Attributes

Table Size and Position


Technical Note:

Internally an array of 32bit values is used:



This makes it possible to not only store the value of a property but also to know that the property is not defined at all - but does not use memory for undefined properties.


The IDs are specified as WPAT_ constants. The first 16 are used for character attributes (and also used by the CharAttr records). The names of the procedures which work with this kind of attributes start with "A".


"WPAT" codes are used by low level methods to set and retrieve paragraph and style attributes.


You can use this properties whenever you manipulate paragraph, table cell or table row properties directly.


The Attributes do only use 3 bytes, so the maximum value is $8FFFFF.


The .NET assembly defines the enum WPAT, so you need to write (int)WPAT.CharFontSize to set the size of the text in pt*100.


Interface to use WPAT codes:











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