Command ID 33 - read and write EventButton properties

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The event OnButtonClick is triggered when the user clicks on a button or menu.

It allows to execute custom actions.


We provide the TextCommandStr(33,...) method to allow the use of custom buttons and menus also in development systems, which cannot access the EventButton interface. In .NET or VB6 there is no need to use this method.


Using param You can read the following parameters of the IWPDllButton  Interface.


The following ids can be used. The value can also be negative. In this case the property will be modified to the value of StrParam.


1: Name

2: Hint

3: Caption

4: Param (a string)

5: Font

6: Action (a string)

7: WPActionStyle (a number converted to string)

8: Selected (a boolean, "1" or "0")

9: Disabled (a boolean, "1" or "0")

10: ShowCaption (a boolean, "1" or "0")

11: Visible (a boolean, "1" or "0")

12: Typ  (a number converted to string)

13: IParam (a number converted to string)


Use param=99 to call ItemsClear() and param>=100 to add ItemsAdd(StrParam, param-100)


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