IWPDllButton Interface

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Read properties fo custom buttons


The interface IWPDllButton is mainly used by the event OnButtonClick which is triggered when the user clicks on a button on any of the TextDynamic toolpanels. The properties defined by IWPDllButton let you read the values assigned by the XML description of the toolbar.

CustButton was created by this XML code in the EditLayout XML script.

<ToolBar ShowCaption="0">

<!-- custom buttons -->

<Button image=147 Name="Test" Param="Something" Caption="123" ShowCaption=1/>


You can read the property Name in the OnButtonClick event to create a new action.

( In case You have difficulties to work with this interface in Your development system please use Memo.TextCommandStr(33,...))


Also see the description of package files: <toolbar> or <Panel..>


The predefined toolbar script does not use the name properties. The actions are linked through the "wpa" property.






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