Create MDI Child window

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If TextDynamic was not installed to the IDE already we need to do so. Use the Menu "Extras/External Tools..." and locate the file WPDLLInt2.dll.


Now you can drag the control WPDllInt to the form and resize it to fill the form. Set the property anchors to top, left, right, bottom.




The form now needs some code in the event Form.OnLoad to set the license code and initialize the editor.


  Private Sub WordsChildForm1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object,

      ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load

      ' Set Licenese Code

       WpdllInt1.EditorStart("licensename", "licensekey")

      ' Load the PCC file withot password

       WpdllInt1.SetLayout(".\buttons.pcc", "")

      ' Initialize the editor,  as single editor (no splitscreen)

      ' with 16x16 toolbar use wpmodexToolbar, for 24x24 use wpmodexToolbarLG

      ' but we want to have our own toolbar

      ' with PDF, Spellcheck and table support.

      ' Select the GUI elements ruler, scrollbars and

      ' the lower left panel to change zooming and layout

      ' Since we do not have a second editor window, so use wpguiDontSet

       WpdllInt1.SetEditorMode( _

         WPDynamic.EditorMode.wpmodSingleEditor, _

         WPDynamic.EditorXMode.wpmodexPDFExport Or _

         WPDynamic.EditorXMode.wpmodexSpellcheck Or _

         WPDynamic.EditorXMode.wpmodexTables, _

         WPDynamic.EditorGUI.wpguiRuler Or _

         WPDynamic.EditorGUI.wpguiHorzScrollBar Or _

         WPDynamic.EditorGUI.wpguiVertScrollBar Or _

         WPDynamic.EditorGUI.wpguiPanelH1, _


  End Sub


Now start the application.


If the debugger stops in a line without a break point, probably the MDA loader lock event is still on. Please open the Menu "Debug", select the item "Exceptions" and in the dialog disable the check at the entry "Loader Lock" listed under "Managed Debugging Assistants".


When the application is now running, please click 2 times non "new". It should look like this (German Edition)










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