TextDynamic dotNET Sample Projects

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Below we have collected some examples to make getting started easier.


The demo "Simulated MDI" demonstrates the ability to store several documents in one editor control.


It will be a good start to explore TextDynamic. In directory Demos\NET1\SimMDI you will find a C# project for Delphi 2006 and for VS2003, in Demos\NET1\SimMDI_VB is a VB.NET project written using VS 2003. In directory Demos\NET2\CS\SimMDI is a C# demo for VS 2005.


A larger VB.NET example developed using VB.NET 2005 show how to create a MDI application - with multiple child forms which host one TextDynamic control each. This application uses a seperate toolbar which replaces the internal toolbar and shows how the update works.


Please also see chapter Reporting, there we include a simple C# reporting example.

We also described how to create an application in MS Access. Here the optional reporting feature is used to create a list from record in a data base.


In the capter "Mail Merge" we describe how to create mailing letters and now labels!


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