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The PDF engine supports watermarks. The watermarks can be created once and used on as many pages as you like.


The DLL can even import PDF data and convert the imported pages into watermarks which are names "inpageN" (with N = 1..count of pages). With the function DrawWatermark you can tell the PDF engine to use one of the stored watermarks. You simply have to pass the name of it. If you want to rotate the watermarks to any degree you can do so. But please note that a PDF file with a rotated watermark will not print on all printers. Especially postscript printers seem to not like this feature.


Important is also that on a landscape page the watermark will be also landscape. This means that the watermark has to be portrait before you use it. It will automatically be rotated by using it on a landscape page.


To create a watermark use the function StartWatermark.


To draw a watermark use


public void DrawWatermark(String Name, int Rotation)


Rotation can be 0, 90 or 180.


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