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The component wPDFControl was created to make it easy for programmers to add PDF support to their application. It is based on the popular PDF engine 'wPDF' which has been successful on the Delphi and C++Builder market since the year 2000.


Our component wRTF2PDF/TextDynamic Server offers the same possibility as wPDFControl. It does everything what wPDFControl does but, of course, its main feature is the integrated powerful text rendering engine.


Since wRTF2PDF V3.5 it is also possible to create text and save in RTF or HTML, even MIME format. This is possible since the component exports all of its internal word processing abilities through a set of interfaces. This interfaces are in fact mostly the same as the interfaces used by our visual word processing control "TextDynamic". Only the interface IWPMemo has been replaced by a different interface (IWPEditor) which contains about 70% of the methods originally found in IWPMemo.


wPDFControl can be used as .NET control, as ActiveX and also as regular DLL. For the DLL we have included a C++ include file. This manual describes the use with .NET.


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