EditorStart - used to set licensing information

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With licensed version please make sure you call wpdllInt1.EditorStart with your license name/key before doing anything else.


using WPDynamic;


namespace WindowsFormsApplication1


  public partial class Form1 : Form


      public Form1()


         // This loads and fixes the engine DLL in memory.

           // It will be used for all the editors created by the application

         // and unloaded only

           // when the application closes or UnloadDLL was explicitly called.

           WPDynamic.WPDLLInt.SetDLLName(Application.StartupPath + @"\WPTextDLL01.DLL");          



          // Initialize the Editor

         // Set your License key:

          wpdllInt1.EditorStart("your_name", "your_key");

          // Load the PCC file (no password)

           wpdllInt1.SetLayout("buttons.pcc", "");

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