OCX Trouble Shooting

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License Information is missing ?


If you get the message "License Information is missing" and the object is displayed as red box, please copy the *.LIC file from the TextDynamic/System folder to the folder with the OCX. The LIC file may not be distributed, but it is required to use the OCX in the designer.



My Application starts but I cannot type anything


Please initialize the license informatioin correctly - use method EditorStart


Where can I set the DLL in my VB (or similar) project which uses the OCX


You can set the DLL name even when the control is already displayed, the DLL can be exchanged dynamically. However we recomend to set the DLL name in the OnLoad event of the form.


Where should I store the PCC file?


The gui layout file (buttons.pcc) is searched relatively to the path of the engine DLL. So we recommend to install it into the same directory as the engine DLL - bes is the application directory, not the windows system directory!


When I drop the control on the form, why does it display just information text?


The OCX delays loading of the engine DLL to the last possible time. This has been made so to avoid that the DLL is loaded from an undefined or unwanted location. So the DLL is loaded not before the property DLLName has been assigned. This can happen during loading of the form at application start or by your own code. When the control is dropped on the form the property is not touched so the DLL not loaded.


When loading my form I get a "control not found" error message inside of MS Access.


Please open the VB Code editor and select clip0122 "References" from menu "Extras". There you can disable the checkmark at the reference which was not found.


When I check out the contents of the blob field using a standard memo, I see only undefined characters


TextDynamic will usually save the text as single byte ASCII text - binary data may be included if images are used. A memo field expects double byte ole string. Such a string will be only saved if property TextFormat contains the parameter "-useolestring', otherwise the property Text will create a varaiant array of bytes.


How to get rid of the P (reversed) symbol at the end of each paragraph?


Please use

    WPDLLINT1.Memo.SetBProp wpVieOptions,wpShowCRButNotInCells, -1



Where should the OCX reside?

When used by a service, it needs to be registered in the same location as the .EXE, not a shared library folder.



I have problems with FOXPRO / VFP


It can be problematic to access Memo.TextCursor. It is better to first get the interface

  loTextCursor = loRTF.MEMO.TextCursor

and then access it using loTextCursor.


If you use WorkOnText to change the active text, please re-get Memo.TextCursor.


Useful code for MS Access to trap special characters. Keypreview must be active


Private Sub Form_KeyDown(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer)

   On Error Resume Next

   If ActiveControl.Name = "WPDLLInt1" Then

       If (Shift And acCtrlMask) > 0 Then

           Select Case KeyCode

               Case vbKeyA


               Case vbKeyC


               Case vbKeyV


               Case vbKeyX


               Case vbKeyZ


               Case Else

           End Select

       End If

       If (Shift And acAltMask) > 0 Then

           Select Case KeyCode

               Case vbKeyBack


               Case Else

           End Select

       End If

       If (Shift And acShiftMask) > 0 Then

           Select Case KeyCode

               Case vbKeySpace 'Shift + Space deaktivieren

                   KeyCode = 0

                   WPD.TextCursor.InputString " ", 0

           End Select

       End If

   End If

End Sub

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