Group 2 : wpEditOptionsEx

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Group 2 : Options for Editing - also see "EditOptions"


Also see Group 17: EditOptionsEx2


usage: Memo.SetBProp(2, X, -1) to deactivate, Memo.SetBProp(2, X, 1) to activate.


0: wpDisableSelection // The user cannot select text (see ViewOptions to hide selection)

1: wpDisableCaret // The caret (insertion point marker at cursor position) is not displayed

2: wpDisableGetFocus // The editor will never receive the focus

3: wpDisableEditOfNonBodyDataBlocks // in Pagelayout mode other DataBlocks (header footer) cannot be selected for edtiting with a click of the mouse

4: wpAllowCursorInRow // the cursor can be placed in row end marker to create a new row with return

5: wpTextObjectMoving // move text objects (ObjType=wpobjTextObj)

6: wpTextObjectSelecting // By defualt allow selectiong of text objects

7: wpNoAutoWordStartEndFieldSelection // Normally a complete field is selected when the cursor is moved over the start or end of a mail merge field. unless wpNoAutoWordSelection is used.

8: wpDisableAutoCharsetSelection // If true the charset is not retrieved by checking the current keyboard layout when the user types

9: wpIgnoreSingleCellSelection // No cell selection by pointing in bottom left corner

10: wpTABMovesToNextEditField // used with forms

11: wpDblClickCreateHeaderFooter // Double click in Margin creates header/footer for all pages. Use 'OnClickCreateHeaderFooter' event to modify 'range'

12: wpRepaintOnFieldMove // When the cursor moves to a different field the form is repainted. This is important if you use code to highlight the current field. (using event: OnGetAttributeColor)

13: wpKeepCellsWhenCombiningCells // use the HTML way to combine cells horizontally

14: wpAllowSplitOfCombinedCellsOnly // use the HTML way to split cells dont allow split if not combined

15: wpDontClearStylesInNew // If defined Action 'New' will not clear the defined styles

16: wpDontResetPagesizeInNew // If defined clearing the text will not set up the default page size

17: wpSetDefaultAttrInNew // If defined "New" will preset the writing attributes to the default

18: wpAllowDrawDropBetweenTextBlocks

19: wpDisableFastInitOnTyping // Disable the improved typing performance in large paragraphs

20: wpDontTriggerPopupInContextEvent // Changes the time the event OnMouseDownWord is triggered (old behaviour)

21: wpAlwaysColWidthPC // Column Width always in %

22: wpDisableXPosLineUpDown - When using cursor up/down stay in same char pos, not x pos

23: wpDontInitSelTextAttrWithDefaultFont - Display empty font / size selector when current attributes are default attributes

24: wpDontSelectCellOnSpreadsheetMovement - Do not select next cell when using TAB in a table

25: wpScrollLineWise when suing scroll bar up/down button scroll line wise

26: wpZoomWithMouseWheel - zoom in and out when pressing CTRL while using mouse wheel

27: wpTableRowResizingWithCTRL - allow table row resizing only when also CTRL is pressed (overrides wpTableRowResizing in group 1).


If the second parameter id=-1 and the value =-1 the complete set of flags will be cleared.


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