SetBProp Method

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This method reads and writes internal property flags.


int SetBProp([In] BPropSel Group, [In] int ID, [In] int Value);


This method reads and writes a multitude of internal property flags.


The First parameter selects the group of flags, the second "id" the flag and the third the new value.


If the third parameter "Value" is -1 the flag will be cleared,

if it is 1 it will be set,

if it is 0 only the current state (1 or 0) will be returned.


These groups are used:

Group 0 : wpVarBOptions

Group 1 : wpEditOptions

Group 2 : wpEditOptionsEx

Group 3 : wpProtectProp

Group 4 : wpClickableCodes

Group 5 : wpWriteObjectMode

Group 6 : wpViewOptions

Group 7 : wpAsWebPage

Group 8 : wpFormatOptions

Group 9 : wpFormatOptionsEx

Group 10 : wpAcceptFilesOptions

Group 11 : wpPrintOptions

Group 12 : wpClipboardOptions

Group 13 : Security Options.

Group 14 : Global Security Options

Group 15: wpFormatOptionsEx2

Group 16: ViewOptionsEx


Note: Within .NET projects you can use the enum BPropSel to select the group, for example Memo.SetBProp(BPropSel.wpVarBOptions,1,1) to enable the "word wrap" mode.


If you use the method wptextCreateDialog to create the editor window, You can use the bitfields Memo1_SetBProp_ADD.. to set and clear all mentioned flags. Example: param.Memo1_SetBProp_ADD[0] = (1024 * 2) will activate image drag&drop.


New: If the second parameter id=-1 and the value =-1 the complete set of flags will be cleared. (all groups>0)

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