IWPLabelDef Interface

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Using the interface LabelDef you can quickly print labels. It is also possible to preview the label sheets just like they would be printed. It is even possible to edit the text on the label sheets. You can also specify the label number to start with. All parameters of a label can be specified, using centimeter or inch values, depending on UnitIsInch.


Also see "Mail Merge" and IWPPageSizeList.


A Label is either defined by the sheet size (width/height), column count, rowcount and the margins (top, bottom,left, right, horizontal and vertical)

or, alternatively

by the sheet size (width/height), the top, left,  right and bottom margin and the specified label width and label height.



Active : Switch Label display on / off

AsText : Retrieve and set the label definition as text

Bottom : Bottom Margin

Caption : Caption of the label, displayed over text

ColumnCount : Count of columns

Horizontal : Horizontal margin between columns

LabelHeight : Size of a label, if you set it you cannot change vertical margin and row count

LabelWidth : Size of a label, if you set it you cannot change horizontal margin and row count

Left : Left Margin

Name : Name of this label definition (encoded into "AsText")

Padding : Padding inside of the label

Right : Right Margin

RowCount : Count of rows

SheetHeight : Height of label sheet

SheetWidth : Width of label sheet

StartNr : Start nr for printing

Top : Top Margin

UnitIsInch : If true all floating point values are inch instead of CM

Vertical : Margin between rows


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