LabelDef Property

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Interface to display labe sheet and change label setup


IWPLabelDef LabelDef;



Using the LabelDef interface you can quickly print labels. It is also possible to preview the label sheets just like they would be printed. It is even possible to edit the text on the label sheets. You can also specify the lablel number to start with. All parameters of a label can be specified, using CM or Inch values.


This C# code copies the current text (it expects this to be an address, about 5 lines) 30 times - each one on a new page. Then it activates the other text and activates the label display for this text.


private void LabelEdit_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)


 LabelEdit.Checked = !LabelEdit.Checked;

 if (LabelEdit.Checked)


  // Delete the label text


  // Make 30 copies

  for (int i = 0; i < 30; i++)


  wpdllInt1.Memo.RTFDataAppendTo("LABELS", true);


  // and display the label sheet


  // and activates label display

  wpdllInt1.Memo.LabelDef.Caption = "WPCubed GmbH";

  wpdllInt1.Memo.LabelDef.Active = true;



 // switch back to normal text






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