AttrSet Method

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procedure AttrSet(WPAT_Code: Integer; Value: Integer);


Sets a certain property.

The property is selected by the WPAT code.

Note:  Internally the properties are stored in an array, not in specific variables. Only if a property is defined, an entry is added to this array. This does not only save resources, but it allows all properties to have an undefined state. This feature is important for a clean support of paragraph styles.

The three basic functions (AttrSet, AttrGet, AttrDel) will modify the character attributes for IDs <=16, for IDs >16 the current paragraph / selected paragraphs will be modified. You can use Memo.TextAttr.AttrSET((int)WPAT.IndentLeft, 360) to change the indent of the current paragraph or all selected paragraphs, in case text was selected. But usually You will use CurrPar.ParASet in the same way.

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