GetObjAtXY Method

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This method searches for an object at a certain x,y position.


IWPTextObj IWPTextObj GetObjAtXY([In] int X, [In] int Y, [In] int TypeMask, [In] int Mode);


The Result is a reference to the IWPTextObj interface. If no object was found the result will be null.


This code locates the hyperlink at the mouse position:

private void wpdllInt1_MouseDown(object sender, System.Windows.Forms.MouseEventArgs e)


   IWPMemo Memo = wpdllInt1.CurrMemo;

   IWPTextObj obj = Memo.GetObjAtXY(e.X, e.Y, 02);





The horizontal position


The vertical position


Selects the object types to find:

0=automatic, find nearest object or the object at this position.

1..13=values as defined by enum "TextObjTypes". ie: 1=merge field, 2=hyperlink, 3=bookmark, 7=text object such as page number, 12=image object.


Selects the way the X and Y parameter is expected:

-1: Dont use X and Y parameter. Use current mouse position instead.

0 : X and Y are client coordinates of the editor. If you use the method in OnMouseDown or OnMouseMove use this mode.

1 : X and Y are coordinates relative to upper left corner of edit control (including the toolbars)

2 : X and Y are screen coordinates (relative to desktop)


Hyperlinks and Bookmarks

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