IWPMemo / IWPEditor Interface

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Interface to work with editor #1 or editor #2


This interface gives access to important properties of each editor in the TextDynamic control.


The interface IWPEditor publishes sub interfaces to change the font and paragraph attributes of the text (TextAttr, CurrAttr, CurSelAttr), to move the cursor and insert text or data (TextCursor). It includes methods to load and save the text (LoadFromFile ...) and properties to change the layout and display. (LayoutMode, WordWrap, AutoZoom).


It contains methods to enumerate the paragraphs and styles, to work with header and footers or images.


It also contains the method SetBProp which is used to change various options of the editor for viewing and formatting.


You can also activate XML, or merge field syntax highlighting!


IWPEditor also publishes other interfaces, such as TextCursor. This interface contains the method to move the cursor and to insert and create text, text boxes and tables.


You can use Memo.Statistic to retrieve information about the count of words, lines and pages.


Note: The editor component TextDynamic uses the interface IWPMemo, the product wRtf2PDF / TextDynamic Server which was optimized for server used (such as, but not limited to ASP and ASP.NET)uses IWPEditor. In both cases the property Memo and Memo2 are used to publish the interfaces. The interface IWPEditor contains a subset of the possibilities of IWPMemo.


Since the RTF2PDF Version 3.55 the .NET assemblies publishes this interface as native .NET class. This improves the performance improves the integration into the .NET frame work, i.e. some of the methods have been overloaded to accept .NET streams.






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