GUIMode Property

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EditorGUI GUIMode


This property selects the elements in the GUI of this editor. It uses this bitfield.


Activate the ruler

 wpguiRuler       = 2


Activate the vertical scrollbar



Activate the horizontal scrollbar



Switch the vertical ruler on and off

 wpguiVertRuler   =16


Activate the "Gutter" on the left of the editor

 wpguiGutter      =32



Activate Panel a)

 wpguiPanelV1     =64


Activate Panel b)

 wpguiPanelV2     =128


Activate Panel c)

 wpguiPanelH1     =256


This flag activates the tabset besides of the panel c).

The tabset is used by the SimMDI demo.

 wpguiPanelH2     =512

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