LoadFromVar Method

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Loads the data from a variant variable

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bool LoadFromVar([In, MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.Struct)] object Data, [In] bool Insert, [In] string FormatStr);


This method loads or inserts the contents of a variant - usually a variant array of bytes. You can use this method to load the data saved by SaveToVar.


Note: variant array of bytes work much more efficient to store RTF data than strings.


C# Example - copy text from one editor to another using SaveToVar/LoadFromVar


object currtext = wpdllInt1.Memo.SaveToVar(false, "WPT");

wpdllInt2.Memo.LoadFromVar(currtext, false, "AUTO");




Data - The text to be loaded or inserted, variant or "object".

Insert - true to insert the text at the cursor position, otherwise the complete text is replaced.

FormatStr - Select the reader and set options. See FormatStrings.


Load and Save

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