SaveToString Method

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string SaveToString([In] bool OnlySelection, [In] string FormatStr);


Save text to a string. To create a HTML string use the format string "HTML". If the embedded images should be saved to a certain directory "path" you can specify it using the format string HTML-imgpath:\"path\".


This method creates a unicode string which uses more memory than actually required (RTF and HTML use only single bytes). You can use SaveToVar to create a variant array of bytes.


Tip: To create a .NET array of bytes use SaveToVar or SaveToStream.


Tip: You can create a MIME encoded multipart e-mail data using the format string "MIME". (Please see chapter "Create MIME encoded e-mail data" in the manual)



OnlySelection : true to save the text which is selected.

FormatStr : Select the writer and set options. See FormatStrings.


Load and Save

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