TabstopAdd Method

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Applies to

IWPParInterface                                                workswithseltext


void TabAdd(int Twips, int Kind, int Fill, int ColorNr);


Add (define) a tabstop in a paragraph.


To insert a paragraph at the current position use TextCursor.InputTabStop.


Also see: Tabstop Category




Value of this tabstop (in twips=1/1440 inch)


The tabstop kind:

0 : Left tab

1 : Right tab

2 : Center tab

3 : Decimal tab


The fill mode used for this tabstop

0: No Filling

1: Dots ......

2: Dots in middle of line

3: Hyphens ------

4: Underline ______

5: Thick Hyphen ---------

6: Equal Signs =======

7: Arrow


0 or the color index. (Predefined index values are: 1=red, 2=green, 3=blue, 4=yellow, you can also use the convert method)


In addition there is a special operation mode:


TabAdd( $FFFF, Fill, 0 )


will add a right tabs top to the very end of the printable area.



Note: To add tabs in the selected text use Memo.TextCommand(ID,..):

ID: 21 - Adds a tabstop at position = paramA, mode + fill*256 = paramB. This method works with selections or the current paragraph.

ID: 22 - Deletes the tabstop at position paramA

ID: 23 - Clears all tabstops in the selected text or the current paragraph.

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