InputTabstop Method

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procedure InputTabstop(ClearAllTabs: WordBool; Value: Integer; Kind: Integer; FillMode: Integer);



This method creates a tab-stop and also inserts the tab character. It can optionally clear the existing tabstops. If you only want to define a tab-stop but do not need to insert the tab character use the method CurrPar.TabAdd.




True to clear tab list for current paragraph.


Value of this tabstop (in twips=1/1440 inch)


The tabstop kind:

0 : Left tab

1 : Right tab

2 : Center tab

3 : Decimal tab


The fill mode used for this tabstop

0: No Filling

1: Dots ......

2: Dots in middle of line

3: Hyphens ------

4: Underline ______

5: Thick Hyphen ---------

6: Equal Signs =======

7: Arrow


This VB.NET example code inserts page numbering objects aligned at the right margin of the page. You can use it to add page numbers in a header or footer texts.


    Dim Memo As IWPEditor

     Memo = WpdllInt1.Memo

    Dim TextCursor As IWPTextCursor

     TextCursor = Memo.TextCursor


     TextCursor.InputText(" Page ")

     TextCursor.InputTabstop(False, _

         Memo.PageSize.PageWidth - Memo.PageSize.LeftMargin - Memo.PageSize.RightMargin, _

         1, 1)

     TextCursor.InputObject(TextObjTypes.wpobjTextObject, "PAGE", "", 0)

     TextCursor.InputText(" of ")

     TextCursor.InputObject(TextObjTypes.wpobjTextObject, "NUMPAGES", "", 0)

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