FontMode Property

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int FontMode;



Use true type fonts but do not embed

0 : UseTrueTypeFonts


Use true type fonts and embed all

1 : EmbedTrueTypeFonts


Use true type fonts but only embed symbol        fonts

2 : EmbedSymbolTrueTypeFonts


Dont use TTF fonts (not suggested)

3 : UseBase14Type1Fonts


Embed TTF        fonts but only the current charset (255        char)

4 : EmbedSubsetTrueType_Charsets


Embed TTF        fonts but only the actually used chars

5 : EmbedSubsetTrueType_UsedChar


Convert all fonts to Type3 and embed. Creates smallest files. [recommended, new in wPDF 4 / TextDynamic 7]

6: EmbedType3Fonts

To only embed certain fonts as Type3 fonts You can use SetProp(5, "\"Wingdings\",\"Webdings\""  )


Create CID Subset Fonts (added to wPDF 4)

7: EmbedCIDFonts





rtF2PDF1.PdfCreator.FontMode = (int)wPDF.eFontMode.EmbedType3Fonts;

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