SetProp Method

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procedure SetProp(ID: Integer; const Value: WideString);



The following values are possible for the parameter "ID".

0: Clears the value of the variable "lasterror". This variable can be read with GetProperty("error")

1: Clears additional PDF info items

2: Clears the PDF excluded fontlist - this fonts are not embedded

3: Assigns the PDF excluded fontlist from a comma separated list

Added to wPDF V4 / TextDynamic 7:

Control Type3 embedding:

4: Clear the list EmbeddedType3Fonts. Fonts from this list as embedded as Type3 fonts, all other according to property FontMode.

5: Assign EmbeddedType3Fonts from a comma separated list

Add Copyright info the the PDF properties

6: Assign CopyrightNotice - this string will be added to the PDF XMP

7: Assign CopyrightURL - this string will be added to the PDF XMP

8: Assign CopyrightPublicDomain - Value may be "true" or "false"

Add blocks to the PDF XMP Section. This can be used to add ZUGFerD data to XMP. (ZUGFerD is a specification to support electronic invoices)

9: Assign XMPInfoExtension

10: Assign XMPInfoSchemaExtension

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