OnReadFormulaVar Event

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Declaration C#

OnReadFormulaVar(Object Sender, string Name, IWPReportBand BandContext, int CountInGroup, out double Value);


Declaration OCX

OnReadFormulaVar(ByVal Name As String, ByVal BandContext As WPTDynInt.IWPReportBand, ByVal CountInGroup As Long, Value As Double)


This event is use by the reporting engine (see interface IWPReport).


It is triggered to read the value of a variable which is used in a formula. Please don't mix up with group variables used by the reporting engine, those group variables contain the formulas which itself contain the variables which trigger this event. In fact any unknown name inside a formula will trigger the event OnReadFormulaVar.


The formula "TABLE.PRICE*TABLE.AMOUNT" will trigget the event twice, first to read "TABLE.PRICE" then to read "TABLE.AMOUNT".





This is the name of the formula variable.


This is the reference to the current band, it can be used to also check the parent group.


This integer value represents the count of repetitions in this loop. group.


This double variable is the value which should be used in place of this name. It is initialized with 0.



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