OnReportState Event

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This event is used by the reporting engine (see interface IWPReport) to create and navigate in data sets.


Also required is even OnFieldGetText to read field values.


Declaration C#

OnReportState(object Sender, string Name, int State, WPDynamic.IWPReportBand Band, ref bool Abort)


Declaration OCX

OnReportState(ByVal Name As String, ByVal State As Long, _

 ByVal Band As WPTDynInt.IWPReportBand, Abort As Boolean)


This event occurs during report creation. It gives you a chance to prepare a database query, to advance to the next record and to prepare the attributes of the bands.





This is the name of the band.



This parameter is used to check the current processing state of the reporting engine:


0 (REP_BeforeProcessGroup): A reporting group is about to be started/looped. You need to set "Abort" to false, otherwise the group will not be processed. Usually you will need to prepare a sub query and set "Abort" to true in case the query is empty.

The event will also occur when the group is processed again - Count is >0 in this case.


1 (REP_PrepareText): A text band is prepared. It will be used next. Usually you have nothing to do - but you can modify the properties of the band paragraphs.

After the band was prepared, all paragraphs will be copied to editor #2 in the TextDynamic control and after that the event OnFieldGetText will be fired for all merge fields in the text.


2 : not used


3 (REP_PrepareHeader): A header band is prepared.


4 : not used


5 (REP_AfterProcessGroupData): The group data has been processed completely. You can use this state to sum up totals.


6 (REP_PrepareFooter): A footer band is prepared.


7: not used


8 (REP_AfterProcessGroup): The group was processed. You can use this event to move to next record.




This simplified C# example code loops all groups in the report template 10 times.


It has been created to be used as template in Your Application.


      // This event is used to start, prepare and close a report group

      // Usually you would use the "Name" to select a certain database,

      // rewind it depending on State and set "Abort" to true

      // when the last record was reached when State=0.

      private void wpdllInt2_OnReportState(

                         object Sender,

                         string Name, int State,

                         IWPReportBand Band,

                         ref bool Abort)




              case 0: //REP_BeforeProcessGroup


                  // If Band.Count=1 take "Name" to open a data base query and

                   // move to first Record.

                   // Set Abort to TRUE if the query has the state "EOF" (EndOfFile)

                  // Here also Set total variables to 0.

                  Abort = Band.Count>10;




              case 1: //REP_PrepareText


                  // We can process a text band depending on a condition




              case 3: //REP_PrepareHeader


                  // We can process a header band depending on a condition




              case 5: //REP_AfterProcessGroupData


                  // Take the named data set and post process the current row.

                  // This event will only be triggerd if the group contained

                  // a data row. You can use it to calculate totals.

                  // (Band.Count will be -1 in this event)




              case 6: //REP_PrepareFooter


                  // We can process a footer band depending on a condition  




              case 8: //REP_AfterProcessGroup


                  // This event takes place after the group data and footer

                  // have been processed. After this event any headers are

                  // created. (Band.Count will be -1 in this event)






If you are using the Active-X and your developing system does not provide access to the interface passed as parameter, use the property EventReportBand instead.



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