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TextDynamic supports BMP, EMF, JPEG and PNG images.


(The premium license provided it can also write multipage TIFF files - see GetPageAsBitmap.)


Images in TextDynamic can be inserted using Memo.InsertGraphicDialog, IWPTextCursor.InputImage and IWPTextCursor.InputPicture.


Inside the mail merge event (OnFieldGetText) it is also possible to load an image directly into a field using the "Contents" functions LoadImage and LoadPicture.


Images are handled by objects which are attached to the same textobjects which are also used to represent fields and field objects. The objects are handled differently then, i.e. they do not use properties such as "embedded text".


But You can access the image data using the IWPTxtObj interface. Usually You will use CurrObj to access the object at cursor position, or CurrSelObj to access the currently selected object.


Images in the text can be positioned as characters (default) or relative to the current paragraph or page. When an image is positioned relatively to a paragraph,it may not be positioned before its anchor.


The positioning mode can be changed using the property PositionMode.


You can also activate drag&drop of images into the text (Memo.SetBProp(0,11,1)). In case it is activated you can select the position mode for the inserted images (SetBProp wpAcceptFilesOptions).

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