Group 0 : wpVarBOptions

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Group 0 : Various options


usage: Memo.SetBProp(0, X, -1) to deactivate, Memo.SetBProp(0, X, 1) to activate.


0: Inserting mode on / off = insert vs. overwrite mode

1: WordWrap mode on / off = word wrap to the bounds of the editor

2: SinglePageMode mode on / off = for preview, show one page only

3: CaretDisabled on / off (default: off) = don't display insertion marker

4: Draw table Grid - not a binary property - possible Values are: 0=off, 1=Hide on screen, 2=Hide on printer, 3=Always hide Borders. Use -1 to read current value

5: ShowPagenumber on / off - show page numbers under pages (i.e. thumbnail mode)

   Hint: to disable the yellow page number use wpDontDisplayScrollPageHint in ViewOptions: SetBProp(6,27,1)

6: Display text as web page on/off. Also see Group 7 : Webpage Mode.

7: OneClickHyperlink on / off (if on, a single click will trigger the hyperlink event, otherwise the user has to click twice)

8: 3D frame on / off

9: Enabled on / off - accept mouse events

10: Readonly on / off - also see Memo.Readonly for a more complete protection of the text

11: AcceptFiles on / off (if on, images can be inserted by drag&drop!). Also see AcceptFilesOptions!

12: Modified yes / no - was text changed ?

13: WantReturns yes / no - accept carriage returns

14: WantTabs yes / no - accept tab key

15: Internally lock the styles against Clear() yes/no

16: The ruler use inch instead of cm yes/no

17: The editor fields on the dialogs use inch instead of cm yes/no

18: Activate the DuplicateWithText mode. The text in a row is not duplicated unless the mode DuplicateWithText is true. (See TextCursor.InsertRow, and AppendRow)

19: Activates the regular popup menu when clicking on a word. This is on by default. If you use the event OnMouseDownWord to show an individual popup dialog please set this property to false. The default value is true.

20: Activate the use of the installed word converter DLLs. They can be selected from the FileOpen dialog. Default = off. If the conversion works depends on the DLL and is not under our control. The application "WordPad" uses this DLLs.

21: Disable the popup / Context Menu.

22: Enable/Disable blinking caret

23: Enable/Disable printing colored or gray borders as dotted black lines to work around printer bug


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